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On the 02 there is a connector located under the plastics in the storage well on the drivers side near the rear door hatch opening. That is where you plug in the Honda trailer wiring harness (sold seperately for about $40). see: for the part as well as pdf files of which will show you what's where.

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Q: Where is the wiring for the trailer hitch if it didn't come with one stalk located and how do you get to it 01 CR-V?
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Wiring diagram for trailer hitch 0n 98 explorer?

A wiring diagram for the trailer hitch on a 98 Explorer can be purchased at your local auto parts store. A repair book for the make and model of your vehicle will have the diagram included in it.

Wiring harness for a trailer hitch on a 2003 Jeep liberty?

Trailer wiring harness part #118382 - any local Auto Parts Store should care this.

Can a 2.0 golf tow a trailer?

Yes, but you need to have the correct trailer hitch and wiring installed. Talk to your local VW Dealer and they can help you with this.

How do you access trailer hitch wiring in a 2011 Dodge Journey?

under the car,behind spare tire,is the wiring harness with access plug for dodge trailer harness (optional) my came with 2012 journey

What are some of the parts a Buick Rendezvous needs?

Some of the parts a Buick Rendezvous needs include ball mounts, custom fit vehicle wiring, hitch adapters and hitch balls. Other parts include hitch extenders, pintle hitches and trailer wiring and adapters.

How do you wiring the towing trailer hitch?

Check with your local auto parts store. They have trailerwire harnesses for many vehicles that plug into existing wiring in your vehicle. No cutting and splicing involved. Uhaul sells the least expensive universal or vehicle specific trailer wiring.

Where do you find a 2003 ranger rover wiring diagram trailer hitch kit? this is maybe

Where can you find a wiring diagram for a 1999 Chevy Tracker trailer hitch?

Try U-Haul they may have a kit with instructions

How do you tow a ring hitch trailer with a ball hitch?

That Is called A Pintle Hitch.

Can you add a trailer hitch to a 2005 Ford E150 cargo van?

Yes, but not a bumper hitch. Install a undercarriage trailer receiver hitch system.

You have the trailer hitch on the truck what else do you need?

a trailer

What is a Reese hitch used for?

A Reese hitch is a brand of trailer hitch or trailer parts. They make all sorts of different types of trailer parts and hitches, so it would depend which part you are looking for.

Is it legal to keep your trailer hitch attached to your truck when your not pulling a trailer in New Jersey?

Is it legal to keep your trailer hitch attached to your truck when your not pulling a trailer in New jersey?

Where should you tap into the wiring in a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT Sedan to install a trailer hitch wiring harness?

I have a 2005 Subaru Legacy GT (Wagon) and haven't been able to find a hitch. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? If I am able to find a hitch, I would then try to get the Outback trailer hitch wiring harness from my Subaru dealer. I would expect the wiring in the two cars to be the same, but I suppose they could be different. I noticed the Legacy wagons don't have the rear 12 volt jack that the Outbacks have. This is something I'd like to add too for one of those electric coolers. That would be nifty I think. Thanks . . .

What items are used to install a hitch?

Bolts to the frame. And any wiring you might have for your trailer. It should not take long and there are local shops around that will do it.

Which wires do you tie into for the trailer wiring harness on a 2000 subaru outback wagon?

Subarus all have a connector for a trailer wiring harness built in. There is a supplemental trailer harness that you purchase from your hitch supplier and it just plugs right in. Instructions are available on-line. This one is for a 2001, but they have been the same for a number of years.

How do you install a wiring harness for a trailer hitch on a 2003 Jeep Cherokee?

you have to remove the back driver trim in the back of the will find a green plug, the aftermarket wiring will plug into that.......................good luck

Where is the connection for the taillight wiring to connect a trailer wiring harness in a 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport?

It is the round connector, with a cover over it, about 6 inches left of and about at the same level as the hitch receiver.

What is the purpose of a trailer hitch cover?

The purpose of a trailer hitch cover is to help prevent rust on your car, it will also allow you to avoid having to continuosly clean the mess our from your hitch.

What is the best brand of trailer hitch for carrying a horse trailer?

The best brand of hitch you can purchase is a Reese Hitch. They are very strong and can pull just about anything your vehicle can handle.

Why won't brake lights work on 2000 buick lesabre?

Check all fuses first, check the brake switch located under the dash above the brake pedal. If you have a hitch on the car check the trailer wiring harness.

Why can't you pull a trailer?

I can't pull a trailer because I do not have a trailer hitch on the back of my car.

What does a Kingpin hitch on a trailer look like?

A cylindrical metal object sticking out of the bottom of the trailer at the front of it.

How do you install a wiring harness for a trailer hitch on a 1995 Jeep Cherokee that has no exposed wires whatsoever under the rear bumper?

The trailer wiring kit is available from Jeep at about $125 and plugs into a wiring connector accessible through a panel in the left rear (inside) fender panel (behind the spare tire, near the left rear turn signal) with the trailer wiring harness routed through a grommet in the bottom of the compartment

Can you put a hitch on your 1999 jeep?

Yes, a trailer hitch can be installed on a 1999 Jeep.