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Q: Where is the worlds largest pipe organ at today?
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Which if these instruments is the largest pipe organ harmonium concertina?

Pipe Organ

Which instrument is the largest harmonium pipe organ or concertina?

The pipe organ.

What is the largest rank of a pipe organ called?

It could be anything. It depends on the particular organ. The largest pipe or the largest rank? Read the Wikipedia article on pipe organ and get your terminology straightened out.

Which of these instruments is largest?

Pipe Organ

Which of these instruments is largest pipe organ or pipe organ?

You listed the same thing twice! Did you mean to do that? By the way, it should be "Which of these instruments is larger," not "Which of these instruments is largest."

Where is the world's second largest pipe organ?

In England

What is the biggest pipe organ in the world?

To the present day the biggest Pipe Organ is not in a church or cathedral but in a department store! Yes, Macy's in Philadelphia has the worlds largest Organ with 28,400 plus pipes dispersed through separate rooms on seven different floors. Their is a video of it on You Tube.

What country claims the worlds largest pipe line?


Is the pipe organ commonly used today?


How big is the worlds largest pipe organ?

There are two in this category: One is 100 playable and the other is in restoration process:John Wanamaker Organ - Philadelphia, PA 100% operational and used daily.The Boardwalk Organ - Atlanta ... currently being restored with about 20% playable.

What is a sentence using organ?

I just love the sound of an old-fashioned pipe organ. The skin is the human body's largest organ.

What is the largest instrument in an orchestra?

Most likely it is some sort of pipe organ...

How do you make the pipe organ famous again?

The pipe organ never became un-famous. It has always enjoyed as much popularity today as it did when it was invented.

What instruments is largest?

The pipe organ in the Macy's at Central City, Philadelphia is the world's largest working musical instrument.

What is the largest pipe organ in australia?

The Sydney Opera House Grand Organ, located in the concert hall of the Sydney Opera House.

Which is bigger a concertina a harmonium or a pipe organ?

pipe organ

Where in Oklahoma is the largest pipe organ located?

The largest is in Tulsa in Christ's Chapel on the campus of Oral Roberts University. This IV/104 (4 manual/104 ranks) was built/installed in 1978 by Phelps Organ Company. The second largest is in Norman at McFarlin Memorial United Methodist Church. This III/68 organ was built/installed in 1988 by the Noack Organ Company.

Which chapel holds the largest pipe organ in the world?

None. There are two contenders for largest organ and neither are in a church or "chapel." The "Wanamaker Organ" in Macy's department store Philadelphia and The "Convention Hall Organ" in Atlantic , NJ. The largest church organ is generally regarded to be First Congregational Church Organ in Los Angeles, Ca.

Who discovered the pipe organ?

The pipe organ was invented by the Greek Ctesibius.

What kind of instrument is the pipe organ?

The pipe organ is a keyboard instrument.

Where is the world's largest pipe organ located?

The largest organ in the world, based on number of pipes, is located in Boardwalk Hall (formerly known as the Atlantic City Convention Hall) in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It was built from 1929 till 1932. It cost approximately $500,000 and was built at the height of the Great Depression. The effort nearly bankrupted the Midmer-Losh organ firm, which led to decades of debate as to whether it was actually completed. Recent evidence suggests it was. It has over 33,000 pipes and over 1000 stops. The average church organ has around 1,000 pipes and 10- 30 stops. It is also the Largest and loudest musical instrument constructed. It is the only organ in the world to have pipes on 100" wind pressure. Most organs use 3" - 8" wind pressure. It is also has the worlds largest organ pipe, the 64ft Diaphone. The organ's website is The Convention Hall organ in Atlantic City is not only the largest pipe organ, but also the largest musical instrument ever constructed. Unfortunately, it is no longer operational. The largest operational pipe organ (28,522 pipes) is the Wanamaker Organ in the Macy's Center City Department Store in Philadelphia, PA. This organ has the most number of ranks or sets of pipes in the world.

How many pipes does the largest organ have?

The number can vary greatly ... anywhere from a couple dozen to thousands upon thousands in any one pipe organ installation. The largest 100% playable pipe organ in the world, the Wanamaker organ in Philadelphia, contains 28,522 speaking pipes. One of the most famous organs in the world, The Mormon Tabernacle Organ contains 11,623 pipes.

At 1904 Saint Louis Word's Festival Hall was a larhe gold-domed building that house a 3500-seat auditorium and the world's largest pipe organ Where is that organ today?

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Who inventted the pipe organ?

The pipe organ was invented by the Greek inventor Ctesibius.

When was Organ pipe coral created?

Organ pipe coral was created in 1758.