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My understanding is that it is built into the PCM Powertrain Control Module. This would be the Black rectangular box mounted inside the engine compartment on the passenger side fender. If you want to see what one looks like, do a search on Ebay as if you are trying to buy one. There you will find a picture. There are many, many systems that control or add to the management of the 4L60E transmission. If you are needing to know where the transmission control module is, I wish you great luck with finding it.


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A '96 jimmy does not have a body control module (bcm), it does, however, have an engine control module (ecm) located ontop of the coolant reservoir.

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Located behind the panel under the steering wheel.

Behind the passenger side kick panel or behind the glove box.

heater control valve located on 2001 gmc jimmy 4.3l

The transmission fluid capacity for a 2000 GMC Jimmy is six quarts. Transmission fluid should be added slowly to because capacity can be reached rapidly.

To the transmission. Down the dipstick tube.

You use automatic transmission fluid.

Better check your title. Jeep doesn't make the"Jimmy". Jimmy is made by GMC, The blower control module on a GMC Jimmy is located in the heater unit which is a plastic housing located on the left (passenger) side of the firewall. However, Jimmys are noted for bad connections on the module plug , the motor plug, & some have another plug that goes bad regularly to the rear of the left fender well. You would be wise to check those connections before buying parts. Good luck.

It is bolted to the transmission valve body. You will have to remove the transmission oil pan to get to it. It is about 6 inches long 2 to 3 inches wide and real thin. black in color.

passenger under dash or high in dash by pass front speaker

The airbag control module on a 2000 gmc Sierra 1500 is usually mounted at the bottom of the radiator. There is one placed on each side of the radiator.Ê

Inside the transmission pan in front of transmission.

a 1988 tranny should be the 700r4 aka 4l60 it's sometimes referred to.. a transmission in a 1997 should be the 4l60e which is an electronic transmission so no. lol

should b at coil if not its under distributor cap

Clogged Transmission line, or axle needs to be checked.

It does not have it's own computer, The engine and transmission is controlled by the PCM-Power train control module / computer. There is only one computer for the entire truck.

Below the steering wheel and above the pedals

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