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They were not used on that year model. The 93 transmission is computer controlled. Time to take it to a transmission shop.

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Q: Where is transmission vacuum modulator on a 93 Chevy Suburban?
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Where is transmission vacuum modulator 93 Chevy Suburban?

That year did not have 1. No need for 1 because it is computer controled

Where is the transmission vacuum modulator 1986 Chevy Suburban?

It is on the passenger side of the transmission towards the back of it. It will have a vacuum hose hooked to it. There will be a small bracket with 1 bolt that holds it in the transmission. Do not loose the small pin that is inside of the transmission when you remove the modulator valve. You will loose some trans. fluid.

Where is the vacuum modulator on a 93 Chevy truck?

That transmission is electronic controlled. No need for a modulator valve.

Where is the vacuum modulator on 1991 Chevy siverado?

That year transmission did not use 1

Location of the vacuum modulator valve on a 1992 Chevy 1500 pickup?

That year model did not have a modulator valve on the transmission.

Where do you attach a vacuum hose to the modulator valve on the transmission of a 305 Chevy?

If your transmission has a modulator it is on the side of the trans and it has a nipple on it for the vaccum line. I you. Mark

Where is the vacuum modulator on a 1989 Chevy k-1500 4wd 5.7?

The vacuum modulator on a 1989 Chevy K-1500 4wd 5.7 is underneath the transmission. It can be reached from under the car.

Where is the transmission modulator on an '88 Chevy Corsica?

On the back of the trans. There should be a vacuum line running to it.

Where is the vacuum modulator on a 1995 Chevy Silverado?

If your speaking of the vacuum modulator for the transmission, they no longer use them on the transmissions with overdrive and electronics. The powerglide, turbo 350 and turbo 400 used to use them.

Why would a 99 Chevy S-10 ZR2 4x4 get transmission fluid in vacuum lines?

Defective modulator valve.

Where does the vacuum line from the modulator valve go to on a 1994 1500 Chevy pickup?

The factory transmission that belongs in that 94 model did not use are have a modulator valve. But to answer your question the line goes to any intake vacuum source. That year truck should have the 4L60E transmission in it.

Does a 700r4 Chevy transmission have a modulator valve on it?


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