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Atmospheric layer under the stratosphere that you live in.0-11miles thick.

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What is the layer of the atmosphere that you live in?


What layer is Mount Everest in?


What is a form of oxygen that is a pollutant in the trophosphere?


Which layer of atmosphere is responsible for climate?

the trophosphere

What is the name of your solar set system?


Almost all weather occurs in the what?

The Trophosphere

What is the layer of the atmosphere that contains your weather?


In which layer is oxygen content the highest?


What part of the atmosphere does global warming occur in?


What layer of the atmosphere is heated by the earths surface?


What is the altitude of the trophosphere?

80km above sea level ?

What is the heaviest layer of the earth's atmosphere?

ozone layer or the trophosphere

What are the different types of atmosphere?

trophosphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere

What layer of the atmosphere is closest to the ground?

the trophosphere because it is near to the earth

Which layer of the atmosphere does the space shuttle travel in?

the space shuttle travel in the trophosphere.

What layer from the Atmosphere interacts with living things?

The layer that interacts with living things is the trophosphere

Is ozone good or bad in the trophosphere?

Ozone is very bad in troposphere. It is a secondary pollutant.

Does Mount Everest extend through all four layers in the atmosphere?

No, only through the trophosphere...

What three ways can energy be transferred within the troposphere?

energey is transformed within the trophosphere in what ways?

What are the seven layers of earths atmosphere?

The thermosphere exosphere ionosphere mesosphere stratosphere tropopause and the trophosphere

What are facts about the Trophosphere?

Some facts about the Trophosohere is; it is where weather accurrs Earth is in this layer This is where clouds form It is the closet layer to earth and first and lowest

The gases in the air attracted to earth by gravity form layers called the?

a. trophosphere b. atmosphere c. lithosphere d. hemisphere choose an answer! :)

Is the invisible layer of air that envelopes Earth called the atmosphere? consists of five layers. the trophosphere the stratosphere the mesoshere the thermosphere and the exosphere

Does the density in the mesosphere go up or down?

The density of the mesosphere is lower than the density of the trophosphere or stratosphere. As you go higher into the atmosphere, the density decreases.

How does the depth of the trophosphere vary?

The depth of the troposphere varies from more then 16km above the equator to less than 9km above North Pole and South Pole.

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