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Go to view and go to buddy list or go to buddy list and right click on a person, and find a unblock. If that doesnt work click on the buddy, so you see the message thing. Then somewhere in that box you will see a unblock. If that doesnt work just delete him or her and add them again. -Razer

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โˆ™ 2005-11-17 16:50:14
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Q: Where is view on the buddy list?
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Where is your buddy list?

cant connect to my buddy list on aol

How do you unblock buddy list?

how do i unlock buddy list?

How can you make buddy list bigger in Maplestory?

In Ludibrium/Lith Harbor there is a NPC that offers buddy list expansions. You'll know you found them as they have 'Buddy List Admin' (or something similar) under their name. For 250k, they will expand your buddy list by a few slots.

How do i display my AOL buddy list?

There should be a icon and it should say "Buddy list" and click it.

How do you get your buddy list to a new screen name on aim?

You send it to yourself. It should be somewhere on your old buddy list. :)

How do you IM somebody?

Are you talking about aim? well if that's what you mean you add the buddy on your buddy list that you want on your list then you click on the buddy's screen name and there you go! hope this helps =]

Who is no ibrahim on Club Penguin?

add no ibrahim on your buddy list because hes only the one that has mimo 777 on his buddy list

Is there anyway to appear offline in YoVille?

on the new buddy list at the top in the blue where it says your buddy list it has go offline and click on it

How can one remove someone from their AOL Buddy List?

You can remove someone from their buddy list by sending an email to AOL to explain the process. The other way that this can be done is to right mouse click on the person and press delete and this will remove them from your buddy list.

Whereis your buddy list on aim?

To find your buddy list on aim, you will need to first log onto AOL. Select the â??Membersâ?? menu and select â??Buddy Listâ??. The â??Buddy Listsâ?? dialog box will appear.,

Why won't my buddy list show up when i log on?

just got the new homepage on aol and now i dont have a buddy list? where do i recover it at?

You delete some on your buddy list on YoVille but he can still follow you?

Just simply delete him or her then refresh after that he/she cannot be seen in your buddy list neither you can see

Why does it say Lost Buddy on Zynga Poker?

because some one deleted from your buddy list

If you add a buddy on YoVille are you adding them to your Facebook friends?

No your only adding them to your buddy list in yoville

What does BL mean in Maplestory?

Buddy list

I can't find my AOL buddy list Please help me get my AOL buddy list back AOL automatically swithes it to AIM and will not allow me to send IMs on AIM?

At the top of the page, there is a place marked Keyword. Push it and type in buddy list. That should give you acess to do whatever you need.

My AOL buddy list is missing I typed buddy list in keyword and also went to community and clicked buddy list and it still won't show up?

I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO FIND MY BUDDY LIST..IT USED TO ALWAYS BE ON MY HOME PAGE AS SOON AS I SIGNED IN BUT NOW THE ONLY WAY FOR ME TO FIND IT IS TO GO TO MY MAIL AND THEN CLICK ON OPEN..THEN IT COMES UP BUT IT IS ON AIM..I WANT TO BE ABLE TO VIEW WHO IS ONLINE WHEN I SIGN ON..PLEASE HELO ME. THANK YOU IRENE F. I have same problem as Irene..Running AOL 9.1 on XP Pro (3) H If this is in AOL. Just Click on Community above your toolbar, then Click on AIM and your buddy list should reappear. I have same problem as the first two ladies and so far neither the Keyword nor Community solution works

How do you add people on AIM?

If you have aim 6.0 go to the bottom of your buddy list where there is a +/- and click it . then press add buddy!

How do you be senseis buddy?

you cant actually that isnt true i know someone who has sensei on their buddy list

Is there a list the comedians that performed on Comic View?

Is there a list of comics that have performed on BET/comic view

How do you accept a video chat?

If your on iChat, go to your buddy list. (this is inviting someone) Click on the buddy you want. Lets call that special buddy, coolio23. Click coolio23. go to the bottum of your buddy list, and click the video camera buttun. If you have more questions about this process, press IMPROVE ANSWER right below my typed answer

How do you delete buudys off your list because buddy list has changed now everybody off your fb account is now on your list?

Go to the person you want to delete-got to their profile. at the bottom it should say "delete person as buddy?"

How do you accept buddy requests on fantage?

u can add ppl as a buddy and they will if they want add u or u can click ur buddy list and on top there will be a little head just click it and and press yes and there u buddy

How can you print your buddy list?

it's cold it's cold

Cant find your buddy list?

How can you get a Buddie on airam .com

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How do i display my AOL buddy list?

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