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Inside the alternator

Check the burned out fuse able link. I had the same problem the battery light remained on when driving and killed my battery. i replaced the alternator the battery and new negative and positive wires but still had the battery light to come on. i also reground the negative terminal cause the corner broke off the battery tray due to rust. So after changing all that, i found out that the only other thing it could be was the fuse able link. Its the wire that goes from your alternator to the starter solenoid. The wire starts out red from your alternator and goes all the way to the starter solenoid about 6 inches before you get to the starter solenoid the wire changes colors to a light blue color then connects to the solenoid. That blue wire is your problem. That has a fuse inside of it and it usually melts or gets fried. 2 ways to fix it, find another wire like that or you can simply strait wire it with the existing wire you got already or go by new 8-10 gauge wire about 1ft and a half and 2 new terminals and strait wire it, and every thing will be ok i did it to mine 45,000 miles ago and have had no problem

Trust me i went through the head ache of changing everything thing in the car far as the charging system goes. When it comes to the charging system there are really only a few components. 1 The Battery. 2 The alternator. 3 Solenoid /or starter solenoid.4 Positive and negative wires. 5 A good Ground 6. Fuse able Link

If the link is broken nothing will work and the alternator will not read on machine and have no power to it.

Good luck

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2015-07-14 15:06:27
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Q: Where is voltage regulator on 1999 Chevy Cavalier 2.2?
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