Water Pollution

Where is water pollution the worst?

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Chemicals such as pesticides cause water pollution from storm runoff.

i say Mexico city is the worst spot of pollution

The cities that have the worst air pollution is Pittsburgh and Los Angeles

The worst is air pollution and acid rain caused by air pollution. Water (rain) and wind also cause some weathering.

New York has the worst water pollution. The Hudson river is the biggest river there.This river is able to give about 40 million gallons per DAY!! This river is so polluted; however, the river is not healthy enough for people to drink. :(

Yes. Water pollution is pollution because it pollutes the water.

pollution leaks out into the water and makes water pollution

China or any one that has the worst air pollution

Both are as bad as each other but in a completely different way. 'Sound pollution' is called 'noise pollution'.

Well obviously because it's pollution to the water

Water pollution is the contamination of bodies of water.

China is the country with the highest air pollution with 21.5% of the global total.

1. China 2. US 3. Mexico 4. Russia 5. India

There are three classifications of water pollution. The three classifications includes: chemical pollution, human pollution, and industrial pollution. Microbiological pollution is also another classification of water pollution.

8 types of water pollution include: Nutrients Pollution Surface Water Pollution Oxygen Depleting Ground Water Pollution Microbiological Suspended Matter Chemical Water Pollution Oil Spillage

water pollution is water debris that is terrible to the environment and the food chain.

water pollution: polluting water air pollution: polluting air

Water pollution is the contamination of bodies of water

what cause land pollution? water pollution is cause by pesticides, that roll of the land and in to the water

No, pollution did not decrease yet. Hopefully in the future it will though. I actually think that pollution has gotten worst over the years.

The city of Los Angeles is generally considered to have America's worst air pollution problem. Most of California's metro areas have bad air pollution.

It is generally believed that the worst oil pollution in central Asia is in the Caspian Sea. The amount of oil spills in the region is quite alarming.

Air pollution Water pollution Light pollution

short summery of water pollution

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