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Where is your WEP key on a wireless router?

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It is likely located on the bottom of your wireless router.

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Who provides WEP Key?

You set up the WEP key when you set up your wireless router.

What is the security key for WEP for your DSi?

The WEP key is the encryption code needed to access a wireless router.

What is the wep security key for dsi?

The WEP key is the encryption key you set your wireless router up with. In the same way that your PC or laptop needs that WEP key to connect to the router, your DSi will need it too.

What is wep key for ps3?

The WEP key is the key for your wireless router, it's the same passkey that your PC or laptop uses to get online.

What is a WEP key word on psp?

The WEP key is the same one your PC or laptop uses to access your wireless router. If you don't have a wireless router, then you're looking at someone else's, the WEP key is actually there to stop unauthorised people like you from accessing it.

Is the wep key the routOrs password?

No The WEP key is the key used to encrypt the wireless traffic, so people can't sniff the data and see what your doing. No WEP key, no connect to the network. No router password, and you can't log into the router to modify the WEP key.

What does WEP mean on PSP?

WEP stands for Wired Equivalent Privacy - it is a form of wireless encryption which stops unauthorised people accessing a router or encrypted data. On the PSP, the WEP key is the decryption key for a specific router - so you'd use the same WEP key your PC or laptop uses to connect to your wireless router, then the PSP can use it too.

Can you use WiFi to access the Internet through a PDA if you have a router?

you can use wifi if only your pda is equipped with wifi, and wireless router is connected to either DSL, or cable modem. in order to access the internet, you need to enter the wep key into your pda. wep key can be found back of the wireless router, if not, you have to assign a wep key from the computer which is connected to the wireless router.. asian623 If you have a wireless router and your PDA has WiFi capability then yes. But you have to have both wireless capabilities on both machines.

What do you type in for the wep key?

The WEP key is the encryption code for your wireless router. It is sometimes written on your router itself, but will be stored on your computer so it can access the router itself. If you do not have a wireless router, then you are actually seeing someone else's wireless hotspot. If it is not a public one, then it's not something you are allowed to use - the WEP security is exactly there to keep unauthorised people off the network.

How do you find your wep or wpa key if you have not set it?

Check the documentation for your wireless access point or wireless router.

Where can you find your wep key for wireless?

It the security settings for wireless networks (you have to log on your router to get access to such options).

How can you find out what your WEP key is?

Login to your Router or Wireless access point and check wireless security settings.

What are some WEP keys for Xbox live connection?

A WEP key is set on a wireless router its not a code to play on

What is the WEP key on an Nintendo DS?

The WEP key is the encryption code you use to connect to your wireless router. The DS connects to it in exactly the same way as your PC does - just enter the SSID and WEP key of your router into the DS and it will be able to access it. Obviously, if the router does not belong to you, then you should not be accessing it - the WEP key is exactly there to keep unauthorised people off that network.

The wep key for the wii?

The WEP key is the encryption code used to access your router, and is the same as the key you entered into your PC or laptop to enable it to use the wireless connection.

What does the WEP key mean when setting up your web browser?

WEP is a type of wireless encryption, it encrypts the signal between router and connected device. The router will have a decryption key which is what all connected devices must use. So that is the WEP key it is asking for.

What to type in for wep key on ps3?

The WEP key is the same one as the one your PC uses to connect to your wireless router, just enter that. If you're seeing someone else's router, then you don't need a WEP key because you shouldn't be connecting to it anyway.

Where do you find the Wep key for ds?

Check your wireless router's documentation on how to find its WEP key. Assumedly your PC/laptop also connect to your router, so they should have the WEP key already or else they couldn't connect.

Can other people use your WEP key if they are outside your home?

People outside your home (but within range of your router) could use your wireless internet, if they knew your WEP key. However if you don't give anyone your WEP key, they would be unable to access your router.

How do you get better connection on DS?

Move as close as you can to your wireless router, and if your router has an encryption lock (WEP or WPA key), disable it.

How do you get a SSID and WEP key for a DS?

You configure them when setting up your wireless router. The SSID is the 'name' it broadcasts, and the WEP key is the code a device needs to be able to unencrypt data sent by it. Once you've got the router set up, you can enter the SSID and WEP key into the DS, to allow it to connect to your router.

What is nintentos WEP key?

The WEP key is the code used to access a wireless router. You just use the same one your own PC or laptop uses to connect to your wireless router - if you do not own a wireless router, then the connections your DS shows belong to other people, they're passcoded so unauthorised people can't access it.

Where do you find your WEP key?

You are able to find your wireless key by logging into your router. Under the tab "Wireless (Setup)" you will find your Wi-Fi password.

Where do you find the WEP key on a router?

The WEP key can usually be found under the wireless page of your router's admin panel. If you do not have access to your router's admin panel then you can obtain the key from someone who does.

Where can you find a WEP key for your Nintendo DS without using a router?

That doesn't technically make sense - a WEP key is the password used to access an encrypted (one form of encryption at least) router. If you don't have a router, it makes no sense to ask for a WEP key - a WEP key to access what? It's like a key with no lock, the WEP key is for a router.So if there's no router, there's no point wanting a WEP key. If there is a router and you don't know the WEP key, then clearly it's someone else's router, and the encryption is precisely to stop unauthorised people using it.

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