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ANSWER:The pubic bone isn't really a bone at all. It is a portion of the pelvic bone or pelvis. The shape of the pelvis is arched if looked at from above and this is called the pubic area and the pubic arch.
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Do males have a pubic bone?

Males do have a pubic bone. The pubic bone is the front bone portion of the pelvis or pelvic crest in the lower abdomen. Holds your hip bones together.

Why does your pubic bone get hard when you are pregnant?

Your pubic bone is always hard, it is a bone, bones are hard, nothing to do with being pregnant.

Where is the pubic bone located at on a female?

In the female, the pubic bone is anterior to the urethral sponge. The left and right hip bones join at the pubic symphysis.

What is a pronounced pubic bone?

The pubic bone is the bone that runs across the space between the legs in front of and above the sexual organs. The correct expression would be "pubic arch" because it is actually part of the pelvis. A pronounced pubic bone would be one that protrudes a bit more forward than usual.

Is there any kind of support to stop the pubic bone to stop the bone moveing about?

broken pubic bone after fall is tpphere any kind strap or support

Pubic bone where is it located?

in your eye

What is the medical term meaning just above the pubic bone?

The medical term for the area just above the pubic bone is suprapubic.Suprapubic

Is the pusic bone supposed to stick out?

I have to assume you mean 'pubic'. In which case, yes the pubic bone is quite prominent, it is the front edge of the pelvic cradle.

What is the surgical procedure that involves an incision through the abdominal wall often from the base of the sternum to the pubic bone is called?

sternum to the pubic bone is called breasbone

What is a knot in your pubic area above your penis?

If you mean above your penis on your abdomen, it is probably your pubic bone.

What is the most anterior part of the coxal bone?

The pubis, or pubic bone, is the most anterior part of the coxal bone (hip bone.)

What is the pubic symphysis made of?

Bone. No actual it is fibrocartilage

Where is pubic bone in human body?

behind your DICK

Can degeneration of pubic bone affect walking?


Is the pelvis an irregular bone?

The pelvis is comprised of three bones; the ilium, the ischium and the pubic bone.

Where the two pubic bone meet?

The symphasis of the two pubic bones is called the, "Pubis", or sometimes Symphasis Pubis.

How can you tell when a pubic bone is fractured?

On occasion self urination.

What is the area right above the pubic bone called?


Term meaning just above the pubic bone?


What is it called pertaining to a location above the pubic bone?


Where are girls g spots?

On the back side of the pubic bone

What are the functions of mons pubis?

Mons pubis is a fat pad anterior to the pubic bone. This structure increases with sexual maturity of the female. It provides protection of the pubic bone during intercourse.

What is the medical term meaning surgical removal of the prostate through an incision behind the pubic bone?

Retropubic prostatectomy is surgical removal of the prostate using an incision behind the pubic bone.

What is the difference between a pubic and pubis?

Pubic connected with the part of a person's body near their sexual organs: pubic hair , the pubic bone pubis one of the two bones that form the sides of the pelvis.

Why does the above part of your vagina stick out like a big bone?

First, by "upper part of your vagina" are you referring to the pubis mons (where your pubic hair is at), or the cervix, or what? Second, what do you mean by "sticking out like a big bone?" If you mean why is it hard, like most bony prominences are, this is because the pubis bone is beneath the surface of your pubic region. The pubic bone is a part of the pelvic structure and everyone including men have this bone.