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measure from your navel to your chin standing straight.

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Where is a humans torso?

a torso is a humans neck

Which is better fighter torso or dragon plate?


In The Torso of Apollo his torso is suffused with brilliance from what?

brilliance from inside

In The Torso of Apollo Apollo's torso is suffused with brilliance from?

the inside

When was Turning Torso created?

Turning Torso was created in 2006.

What is the turning torso in Sweden?

The turning torso is a land mark in Sweden

Is your little toe lateral to your torso right answer?

The little toe can't be described as medial or lateral to the torso. The little toe is inferior to the torso.

What is torso in French?

in French torso is translated by "le buste" or "le torse"

What is the torso of the body?

The body without the head and limbs would be called the torso.

How do you make a lego minifig?

put the torso on the legs then put the head on the torso

Can you give a sentence with torso?

Dan wrapped his arm around his girlfriend's torso.

What is a sentences using the word torso?

My torso is still stiff from yesterday's exercises.

A sentence with the word torso?

The torso is the center part of your upper body, including your chest and stomach region. A sentence using the word torso is: She had an abnormally long torso, so she had difficulty finding dresses that fit her properly.

Where is the torso?

The torso is the body not including the head, arms, and legs. It is also called the "trunk".

Is your poo supposed to be as long as your torso?

it might be as long as your torso if you haven't pooped in a while.

What is a sentence for torso?

For example, I ripped off my shirt because I had to remove the mole on my torso.

What is the muscle in your lower torso?

Your abdomen muscles are included in the lower torso as well as your obliques.

Where is the torso located?

On a human being, the torso is located above the skin of the sternum and rib cage.

When was the Turning Torso built?

the turning torso officially started to be built on Feb. 14, 2001.

A creature with the body of a horse and torso of a person?

A creature with the body of a horse and torso of a person is a centaur.

When does Inuyasha show Kagome his torso?

Inuyasha shows Kagome his torso at the end of episode six.

What does torso mean?

Torso means the main part of the body without the arms, legs and head.

Is the torso a bone?

No The torso is the name for the middle part of the human body. Everything but arms and legs.

What parts of the human body do yo see in a human torso?

You can see the Thorax and the Abdomen in the Torso

What you call your middle part of body?

The torso, a.k.a the truck, is the middle part of the body that ranges from the neck to a little below the waist. The torso contains the chest and the abdomen.

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