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The website HVAC Training provides a list of schools offering HVAC courses. Alternatively, website HVAC Training Pro provides a similar service. Schools with HVAC degree programs include Vista College El Paso, San Joaquin Valley College, and Southern Technical College.

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Q: Where might one go to take HVac courses?
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Where can you find online HVAC courses?

There are many places where one can find HVAC courses online. One could simply check HVAC training schools for the listings of which schools offer this program online.

Where can I get a good HVAC certification?

There are many different HVAC certification courses offered online. One free course you might try can be found at You could also try looking for a special green HVAC certification.

What is one way to earn a HVAC certification?

One way to earn a HVAC certification is by going to school and completing the courses. There are many schools out there such as Lincoln Tech and DeVry that offer certifications in HVAC.

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Where is a reliable site to get online HVAC training?

There are many online HVAC training courses that you could possibly take. I have found that Ashworth's Online HVAC program is one of the more reliable sources but there are other choices as well, such as Penn Foster, University of Phoenix, and even the HVAC Source that could be of help to you in your educational search.

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How does one qualify for class b hvac license?

Dependent on the state of issue. Most that require licenses have minimums like 2 to 3 years of schooling with 4 years in the field, etc. If you are experienced and can prove it, you can generally, push the state in question, to just take the test. Dated certificates for trade courses are helpfull also. I know of a HVAC classes that you can take in Chicago, Illinois. ETI I believe its called.

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Where can one check the HVAC supply?

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