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Where might you find mountains of metamorphic rock?

At the mall

How is green aventurine formed?

Aventine rock is formed by heat and compression whale it is a meromorphic rock. Then it goes to igneous!!!And boom you got edventurine

Where can you find metamorpic rock?

You can find metamorphic rock in areas that have been through glaciation and around eroded mountains. You can also find metamorphic rock in statues because metamorphic rock can be marble. Metamorphic rock is also found in places where plutonic intrusions have occurred. The best place to find metamorphic rock though, is by eroded mountains. Stick by the eroded mountains and you'll find a ton!

What kind of rock is the Olmypic mountains?

the olmypic mountains is a sedmetery rock. the olmypic mountains is a sedmetery rock.

A rock type in which you might find fossils?

Sedimentary Rock

Are there mountains in little rock Arkansas?

Yes, there are mountains in Little Rock, AR. There is the Pinnacle Mountain. If that didn't help, I would try, it might give you some others if there are anymore.

Where would you find the rock Obsidian?

where would you find obsidian in the ocean or the mountains or in minecraft XD

Can you find coal in the Rocky Mountains?

You find coal in the rocky mountain because rock is coal

Where can one find metamorphic rock?

One can find a metamorphic rock in a variety of locations. Some of the places where one can find a metamorphic rock include the base of mountains and within the Earth's crust.

What are mountains made of rock called?

Mountains made of rock are simply called mountains.

What is a rock type in ehich yiu might find fossils?

sedimentary rock

Where would you find a rock with fossils in it?

You can find rocks that are sedimentary rocks which are found in mountains, rivers and near the seashores.

Where you can find Three Sister Rock?

You can find them at the Blue Mountains National Park, New South Wales (Australia).

What are the three types of rocks you can find at the Rocky Mountains?

The Rocky Mountains, notable for containing the highest peaks in central North America, are mostly metamorphic rock, although they also include a combination of sedimentary rock and igneous rock.

Where do you find rockart in Africa?

South Africa has a quite a lot of rock art. The Drakensberg mountains have the highest density of rock art.

What rock are mountains made from?

Mountains can consist of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rock types.

What rock type in which you might find fossils?

You can find fossils in shale and limestone.

Where can you find a crag?

A 'crag' is a steep, rugged mass of rock projecting upward or outward so you can find crags in mountains.

When magma pushes sedimentary rock upward?

Domed mountains are mountains that are formed from magma pushing rock upwards. Folded mountains are mountains that are formed from two rock masses pushing against each other.

What occurs at the center of a mid ocean ridge what might you find there?

Volcanoes and you might find magma. (hot molten rock)

Why might wind gaps be more common in the desert than in areas such as the Appalachian mountains?

i think because rock composition

A course red or brown sedimentary rock found in the mountains of munster?

Sandstone is the rock in the mountains of Munster :')

Mountains formed from eruption of molten rock?

volcanic mountains

Why some rock formation that are commonly called mountains are not really considered to be mountains by geologist?

explain why some rock formations that are commonly called mountains are not really considered to be mountains by gealogist

Something you might find under a rock?

Worm ants dirt