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Washington DC
They must meet in the same city.

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Q: Where must both houses in congress meet?
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What are the Shared Powers Of COngress?

Both houses of Congress have the power to pass legislation. Revenue bills must start in the House of Representatives, but they must pass through both houses.

What house of congress make the laws?

Both houses can propose laws but they must be approved by both houses and the president.

What must happen before Congress can send a bill to the president for approval?

the bill must pass both houses of Congress

What qualification do both houses of congress have in common?

They must live in the state they represent

What qualifications do both houses of Congress have in common?

They must live in the state they represent

Why does a bill have to pass both houses of Congress?

this is because the houses may have different opinions, so it must be agreed upon by both

Who must approve a vice-president selected by the president?

Both houses of Congress must approve such a selection.

What proportion of the members of both houses of Congress is necessary to override?

2/3rds of congress must vote to override

This must pass congress and the president to become law?

I think you are referring to how a bill becomes a law. A bill must pass both houses of congress and then the president must sign it.

Why does the constitution provide that both houses of congress must agree to the proposal of an amendment?

The Constitution provides that an Amendment be passed by both Houses of Congress to maintain a system of checks and balances. This so that one House of Congress is not overstepping their bounds as lawmakers.

Why must both houses be in session at the same time?

To allow members of congress to do their work without interference.

What fraction of both houses must want a newamendment before congress can request one?


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