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I found such a picture at: I hope it helps you

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Brass vs stainless steel whichis suitable for plumbing

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Q: Where on the Internet can you find a diagram of plumbing under the kitchen sink?
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A diagram of the plumbing under the kitchen sink?

Wouldn't that depend on what type of sink?=Basin 4" - 8" wide spread faucet , Kitchen sink with a dish washer?==Vanity, pedestal, vessel type?=

What special tools are needed to do the plumbing to replace a kitchen sink?

A simple adjustable wrench is all you need to replace the plumbing under a kitchen sink. It's a simple procedure.

Where on the internet can I find a diagram of the plumbing under double bathroom sinks?

This depends on the size, brand and type of bathroom sink you are looking for. Another factor to take note of is that every bathroom sink installation has a different waste installation which wont be included in the diagram.

What replaced the plumbing system under the coliseum in ancient Rome?

Nothing has replaced the plumbing system under the Colosseum. It is still there.

Where can you find a labled diagram of the internet?

It would be impossible to create a diagram of the entire internet, however if you mean't a diagram of the components used (Router, ethernets, ADSL filters ...), then most Routers instruction booklets will feature something similar, or search their websites under help catagories.

Diagram of elbow trap under kitchen sink?

We can't do diagrams, and many are slightly different. Google it and you will see many common fittings.

If there is hot water dripping from my kitchen sink, should I call a plumbing company or fix it myself?

Hot water is dripping under my kitchen sink. Should I call the plumber company, or should I turn off the water and try to fix it myself?

Where on the internet can you find a diagram of how to remove the door panels on a '90 Buick Lesabre? has the info you need under their repair section.

Is fire sprinkler system is under the mechanical category or in plumbing?

Fire sprinklers and supporting pumps are considered "plumbing".

What is the routing or diagram to install the serpentine belt on a 2002 Olds Intrigue and Which is the tensioner?

That info should be under the hood in the engine compartment, if not get a repair manual or use the internet to see if you can find the diagram that you need.

What is the plumbing code on installing a globe valve under ground?

NO plumbing code would dare say use a globe valve under ground that has no access to service it?

How did roman plumbing work?

They had tunnels under each house

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