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there is a white almost tanish looking solid color wire on the group of wires that plug into the guage cluster use a quick connect to connect the signal wire from the tach to the white wire on the guage cluster

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โˆ™ 2006-09-28 01:09:33
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Q: Where on the coil pack do you tap into to hook up a tach on a 95 2.2 cav if it doesnt already have a stock tach?
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Where do you hook up the tach wire on the coil of your 92 thunderbid 302 engein?

Hook it to the negative side of the coil.

What wire do you hook to on the distributer or coil to hook up a tach?

You would hook to the negative side of the coil. Some HEI distributor caps are marked "tach".

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How do you hook up the ignition coil on a chev big block?

Bolt The Coil Bracket And Coil To The Block, The - Goes To The Distributor The + Hooks To The Ignition.

How do you hook a tachometer on 2001 mustang 4.6?

need to know where to hook coil wire is all i need to know.

How do you hook up the tachometer to the distributor on a Chevy 350?

on the drivers side of the distibutor cap using a blade electrical hook up you can plug into the opening or if there is a wire already there splice into it make sure all your grounds are in place or you will burn up you coil

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How does coil hook up to Cap on 1985 Corvette?

2 screws.

How do you hook a Pro comp distributor to motor With a exturnal coil?

red (+) wire to possitive side of coil- Black (-) wire to negative side of coil. thats it.

How do you hook up a hei distributor with external coil to a tachometer?

The green wire from the tach goes to the negative side of the coil.

Where is the ignition module on a 1999 Buick park avenue?

under the coil pack in the engine compartment. The coil pack is where the plug wires hook into it.

Does a 03 Mitsubishi galant have rca hook ups on the stock head unit?

no it doesnt have the RCA plugins in the stock unit and its almost impossible to workout with a wiring harness hookup to an aftermarket stereo.. ive been trying to work things out for about 5 months now and ive figured out the harness for 1994-now galant doesnt match with the stock harness so im just going to let best buy do it all

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