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You can find information about LPN classes on the following website: They have a lot of useful information.

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Q: Where online can I find information about LPN classes?
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Where can I find more information on LPN classes?

Try this ehow article on how to become an LPN with online classes.

Where online can I find information about LPN classes?

You can find information about LPN classes on the following website: They have a lot of useful information!

Which shcools offer online LPN classes?

You can find online nursing classes at

What schools offer LPN classes online?

ITT offer LPN classes online

Where are LPN classes offered online?

You can find a variety of nursing and LPN courses here:

Where do they have LPN classes in Detroit?

You can find LPN classes in Detroit at your local community collegee. Most of them will have an LPN program.

Can I take lpn classes online?

Yes you can take LPN classes online at many different online schools including Kaplan University. You can take LPN classes online, however some of the courses will need to be done live such as labs and rotations

Where can I get lpn classes in my area?

This depends on where the individual is located. Most nursing schools offer LPN classes. If local schools are unavailable, then try checking online for LPN classes.

What are LPN classes, and can they be taken at night or online?

Yes, you can take them at night or online. LPN classes have that possibility. This would not have to give up the morning activities. The online option also has some classroom activities.

Does Waldon University offer online LPN classes and degree?

Waldon University does not offer online LPN classes and degree. It does offer online BSN and RN classes and degrees however. One may earn a Master's in several aspects of these fields.

Which online lpn schools are accredited?

Indiana State and University of Phoenix are both accredited LPN schools that offer online classes. You can request information by visiting There are many good LPN schools that are accredited. Kaplan University and Virginia College are both great schools for LPN. Devry might also offer LPN courses.

Where can I find quality LPN training?

There are some training that can be done . And you can find this training at the following sites online ,

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