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Where online can you find the new Cingular Go Phone commercial that features the singing choir?

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Cingular stores offer all of the benefits that the Cingular online services offer but with a human touch. You can pay bills, pick out a new phone, or even transfer contacts between phones.

A firefly is only available for Cingular service. That said, you can set it up however you want. Whether it is on a one/two year contract or a Go Phone (Cingular's Prepaid service). This can be done either at your local Cingular store or online at

The Pepsi Gladiator commercial can be viewed online on You Tube. It features Beyonce, Pink and Brittany Spears as rival gladiators that decide not to fight each other, but sing instead.

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Well was the Mariachi, in the commercial, but have yet to see it. I've looked on online and have not found it.

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One may watch an online commercial for Bank of America on sites such as iSpot and You Tube. Both have commercials that are designed for television and then uploaded for online consumption.

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