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If you have a good investment idea, then, your local bank will listen to your business idea. If your idea is good then the bank will help you. Why would the private investor take any different risk from your bank ?

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Q: Where or how can you find a private lender willing to lend to individuals?
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Can you buy a new house with no credit?

Not with a traditional lender. A bank must have credit history to understand your risk. With no credit you must find a private or personal lender willing to carry the note.

Can you refinance mortgage after chapter 7 bankruptcy?

You should not have to, and you may not find a lender willing to do so. Watch out for scam artists. But if you can find a legitimate lender willing to refinance, go right ahead.

need a hard money lender to fund prime real estate will share prifit half and half.?

Call your rich uncle or other family member. I don't think you'll find a private lender willing to help you. clerify your proposal. I am open minded.

Where can I find a Private lender for business loan?


How soon can a car loan be refinanced?

As soon as you can find a lender willing to loan money on the collateral.

Can you refinance if you are behind on mortgage payment?

You would need to find a lender willing to loan you money. However, if you're behind on your mortgage you would not be a good credit risk. If you did find a lender willing to refinance it would likely be a predatory lender who would hit you with thousands of dollars in fees at the closing. You would owe more money and would still lose your home. Call the attorney general's office in your state to ask if there is an agency in your area where you could get credit counseling.

Where can you find a private lender for small personal loan?

Small personal loans can be taken online now. There are a lot of private short-term loan lenders over the Internet. Just do a kind of research to find the one that suits your needs.

How do you switch from an adjustable to a fixed mortgage?

You would need to find a lender that is willing to refinance your home at a reasonable rate. Try consulting with some local banks.

How an where can you find an international money lender?

how can i find a money lender for my project

Where in Kansas City can a felon rent an apartment?

Pretty much no where; you'll have to find a private citizen willing to rent to you.

Which companies provide private party auto loans for individuals with bad credit ratings?

Upon researching to find companies that provide private party auto loans for individuals it has been discovered that there are a few companies that offer these loans. One company with private party auto loans is Cars Direct.

Is there a mortgage without interest?

The interest rate is set by agreement between lender and borrower. If you can find a lender willing to accept a zero interest rate, you can certainly have one. Keep in mind that this would probably be family or friend as commercial lenders have interest as a primary source of income.

Can a house be refinanced by one of the owners to buy the other owner out while it is listed for sale?

Sure, as long as you can find a lender willing to refinance the property and the action does not violate any court order.

Where can I find a private jet?

There are quite a few companies that will rent out private jets to wealthy individuals. Those companies include Blue Star Jets, Gulf Stream and Net Jets.

What should you do if your lender rejects your loan application?

Either find another lender - or ask the lender why they've refused you.

Where can I find private security careers?

There are several large private security companies offering careers, such as G4S and Aegis. You can apply online for these roles. You may wish to have a look at jobs as security in shops, hospitals, concerts and as private security for individuals.

A mortgage broker acts as an intermediary for whom?

A mortgage broker acts as an intermediary for individuals or businesses. They work to find a bank or a direct lender that the individual or business wishes to use for a specific loan.

Is there anyway you can find a lender willing to make a loan to help keep your home after you have filed for ch 13 but have not yet been to court?

It's not impossible, but it is highly unlikely. Lenders will probably not view you as a "good risk." The ususual procedure is to reaffirm the loan and make arrrangements for catching up on missed payments with the original lender.

Does the government offer any emergency money grants for individuals?

FEMA is a government agency that provides money for individuals who find themselves in an emergency. The official FEMA website features plenty of non-profit organization willing to lend a hand.

How do you find out how much you owe in a private student loan eg BOA's student maximizer loan?

WWW.AESSUCCESS.ORG that is the new lender, not Bank of America (anymore). So from now on you will be paying bills directly to them.

How can someone find a hairdresser who is willing to give punishment hairdos?

You will need to call local salons or find a private hairdresser to give punishment hairdos. You can even put an ad on social media or in the newspaper.

How long do you have to wait to refinace a mortgage after a chapter 7 bankrutcy?

You may do it at any time you can find a lender willing to do so. Especially with all the commotion surrounding sub-prime lending (which a loan to a recent bankrupt would certainly be), that may be hard to find.

Where can you get a good lender in Canada?

A good place to start looking for a good lender in Canada is the internet. Once you find some lenders, look up their interest rates to find which ones are the best. Another way to find a lender is to check through your financial institution.

Which house keeping service is the cheapest in Plano, TX?

It is typically less expensive to find a private party who is willing to clean house. More than likely if you search on Craigslist you could find exactly what you are looking for.

How can you find online lenders?

The best place to find an online lender is at the Better Business Bureau web site. Search for a payday lender in ones area and click their name. If that lender offers online services, their website will be listed.