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Where or how do you reset the check engine light on 96 geo tracker?

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2007-01-18 04:49:22

As this is a 96 model, it can be either a OBD1 or OBD2 system.

If it is a 1 system, removing the battery cable for 5 minutes will

reset the light. If it is a 2 system, you will need a code reader

to do this. Have the problem fixed as it may cause damage to parts

such as the catalytic converter. maybe mine is different, but I

seem to be able to reset it by removing the battery cable I think

he means IF YOU WANT TO READ THE CODES, if you just want them gone,

remove the battery cable mine is a 96 OBD2, by the way, all 96 is

OBD2, he does have a good point about looking into why they are

crying, but I think we all want to erase them, then see how long it

is till they come back on, then maybe it's time to go to autozone

and get them read for free

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