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I think that the best deal you can get on a 3D LED TV would be at You can get a Samsung UN46d7000 46inch 1080p 240hz 3D LED HDTV for just $950.00 that is a real bargain compared to a lot of places.

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โˆ™ 2012-02-15 17:13:05
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Q: Where should I buy a Samsung 3d LED TV to get a better deal?
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Lg led 32 le5500 or sony led klv32ex600 or samsung led c5000 or which 1 should i choose or if any other is better in 32inch?

Samsung has the lead currently on led Panels. That's what I would pick givin the choice

Are Panasonic LED TVs better than Samsung LED TVs?

According to reviews, the Samsung PND 8000 is a better television than the Panasonic VT30 LED. The price of the Samsung PND 8000 is cheaper than the Panasonic VT30.

Is the Samsung LED TV bracket adjustable?

Yes, a Samsung LED TV bracket should be adjustable. You should not have any problem mounting a 70'' TV.

Can anyone tell me if there is a special kind of LED that makes Samsung LCD LED better?

There doesn't look to be a difference between the brands of LEDs, it seems to be a industry standard LED. It's the quality of the TV itself and what it can do that makes Samsung better.

How much is a 42 inch LED Samsung TV?

A 42 inch Samsung LED television would probably cost close to a thousand dollars. I know it will be at least 800 even if you get a good deal on it somewhere.

What LED TV should you buy?

Samsung makes good ones.

Are led TVs good TVs to purchase and have in your home?

LED televisions are getting better and better, but if you want to get the best deal in terms of pricing, you should consider waiting a few more years or so. You should stick with the LCD for now.

Where can I find a Samsung 46 inch led TV at an affordable price?

Best Buy and Wal-Mart carry Samsung televisions and usually match their competitors sales and prices. They also carry Samsung TVs at Target stores. You might also be able to find a better deal on the companies website.

Where can I get the best deal for a Samsung 55 inch LED TV?

The best deal on the Samsung 55 inch LED TV will require one to comparison shop aggressively. One can visit brick and mortar stores to check out models and picture quality and compare prices to online vendors.

What are the pros and cons of the Samsung LED TV series 6?

The pros of the Samsung LED televisions are that they have more colors in them, so they have better quality pictures on them than the LCD televisions. There really are no cons.

What is better tube TV or Lcd TV?

a samsung or lg 3d led tv has to be the best.

Where can I purchase Samsung LED televisions? is selling Samsung LED TVs. Samsung's website ( is also currently selling. Finally, and are selling Samsung LED TVs.

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