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Generally for every 1000 RPM you should have 10 PSI oil pressure. Before I would get alarmed, I would replace the oil switch for you gauge as these can give you a false low reading when they are old.

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Q: Where should the oil pressure for a warm 3800 v6 engine sit?
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How much oil pressure should you have on a dodge caravan?

Minimum of 10 psi at idle when the engine is warm.Minimum of 10 psi at idle when the engine is warm.

Will burning regular gasoline in a 3800 series ii supercharged engine cause the check engine soon light to go on?

Yes it will cause your engine to detinate or knock, especially in warm conditions Higher octane gas has a higher flash point, it won't explode from heat and pressure as lower grades can.

Is low pressure or warm pressure colder?


What should your Oil pressure be on your 5.7 93 sub?

The exact number isn't as important as how much the pressure gauge fluctuates. Watch the gauge when the engine is first started. It should go up somewhere near the middle. That's the point at which the pressure bypass engages. Then watch the oil pressure after the engine warms up. If the oil pressure drops significantly AT AN IDLE when the engine is warm, you have worn main and/or rod bearings... but WORN doesn't mean WORN OUT. If the engine is still able to maintain oil pressure, even though it drops a little when warm, you can raise the oil pressure by changing to a heavier (thicker) grade oil. If you've been using 5W15, change to 10W30 or even 15W40. You'll be surprised at how much of a difference that can make.

What should the idle be on 96 dodge 2500 diesel?

Around 750 rpm with warm engine and in gear.Around 750 rpm with warm engine and in gear.

Should engine be warm when brake fluid is added?

It doesn't matter,

At what RPMs should your Chevy silverado 4.3 L engine idle at?

It should be idling at approximately 625 rpm while the engine is warm.

What oil pressure should your 960 mustang skid steer with an Isuzu 4jb1 engine have at a warm idle?

I have tried to find the answer also but no luck. Our 960 oil pressure light comes on any time the engine is warm and the engine is idling. Someone told me to adjust the pressure relief valve, another said that possibly the wrong oil flter is being used, and of course someone said to change the oil pressure sending unit. So far I have not tried any of the suggestions.

Can Antifreeze be added to a warm engine?

Yes it can, as long as the engine is running. Be careful when taking the radiator cap off thou, cause its under pressure.

What is normal oil pressure on the jeep 2.5 L engine?

about 20psi at idle (warm) and 40 to 50psi at 2000rpm.

Normal oil pressure at idol 2000 s10 2.2l?

56 psi at 3000 RPM engine warm

1997 vectra 1.8 16v 155000 miles what engine oil should you use?

Use the same BRAND that you've always used, but select an oil that is thick enough that the oil pressure light stays off when the engine is warm and at an idle.

What is the oil pressure psi on 1999 Harley FLHTC Twin CAM 1450?

Harley-Davidson Oil Pressure Specs for the Twin Cam Engine: Cold engine start-up: 44-50 psi. Warm engine at 2000 rpm and up: 30-38 psi. Warm engine at idle: at least 10 psi.

Have a 97 jeep GC 5.2 When started oil pressure is normal then drops to zero?

Check with another gauge. If still 0 when warm, the engine is worn out.Check with another gauge. If still 0 when warm, the engine is worn out.

What should the oil pressure be on 96 Ford Explorer 4.0?

According to my Haynes repair manual : ( 40 to 60 PSI at 2000 RPM with the engine warm ) On a 1996 Ford Explorer 4.0 liter V6 engine

Why carburetor is made of metals?

Because the engine is placed on the carburetor body and the engine is warm. The carburetor should be in the metal to be melted.

What is the normal oil pressure for 2005 Chrysler 300?

Warm engine at idle, 30-40 psi. 10 minimum.

Why would a 2000 Silverado 53 engine start good when it has sat for a while but turn over for a long time before it starts when it is warm?


What should the HMMWV oil pressure reading be at normal cruising speed?

Around 20 psi at warm idle, about 40 - 50 at speed. Should be the same for both the M998 series with the 6.2 naturally aspirated engine and the M1113 series with the 6.5 turbodiesel.

What oil is heavier 5w30 or 10w30?

In a cold engine, 10w30 is heavier; however, in a warm engine, both should be the same weight - 30.

How do you diagnose error code 118 high temperature input Audi a4?

Diagnostic error code number 118 with high temperature input on a Audi A4 means that the engine coolant is not running at the right temperature. When the engine is cold, it should be warm, and when the engine is warm, the temperature should be cooler in the engine. The problem could be with the Engine Coolant Temperature sensor or the vehicle could be low on fluid.

Why would your oil pressure in a 1997 Jeep Cherokee drop to almost 0 when the Jeep is warm and ideling?

This may indicate you need to put a higher weight of oil in the engine. Or the oil in the engine is old and has thinned. jeeps don't actually hold much pressure under idle when they are warm if your check gauge light isn't coming on then you have no worries

Why does oil pressure gauge fluctuate?

From the moment you turn on the vehicle, it changes in two ways: 1. When it is cold and the oil is cold and thicker, it needs more pressure to pump the oil through the engine. You will notice a change in the oil pressure at idle when it is cold and at idle after the engine has had a chance to warm up. 2. The higher RPM the engine has to operate in (such as going through speeds 1, 2, 3, OD, or flooring it to pass someone), the more lubrication the engine will need and thus the higher the oil pressure. As soon as the engine slows down, so the oil pressure lowers.

Why should you check your tires when the temperature changes?

temperature affects air pressure when it is cold air pressure decreases when it gets warm air pressures rises

Why do cars get warm in the summer rather then in the winter?

if it is running, it should always get warm since heat is the product of combustion which happens inside the engine....regardless of the season.