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In the trunk. There is a master key operated trunk release behind the driver's seat in case the battery is dead and the trunk will not open electrically.

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โˆ™ 2009-02-25 12:39:30
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Q: Where the battery is located in a 2004 Ford Thunderbird Yes you know it is in the car The question is where have they hidden the little devil?
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Next to the battery. It is kind of hidden, so if you want to access it for whatever reason, you will need to take the battery out. It is the part next to the battery closest to the side of the truck.

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I cannot be absolutely sure on the 96 but on the 1998 its located under the hood, in the rear, by the windshield a cover is over it. Its near the wiper arms, hidden under the plastic cover too. If not there, try the trunk, just behind the rear passenger wheel. Very easy to get to. I own a 1995 Audi A6 quattro, and my battery is located under the rear seat (passenger side). The 95-97 models were almost exactly the same, so this should be where your battery is. You just have to take out two Philips head screws located on the front of the rear seat, and then a bolt that holds a metal plate tightly against the battery to keep it from moving.