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Where the name Pakistan originated?

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The name was created by an Indian Muslim named Chaudhary Rahmat Ali, who studied in British Indian school and later was a teacher in Aitchison College of Lahore. It was during those times where Muslims and Hindus were uprised helped by the British in order to make bring civil war. The Muslims wanted a new land, and a separate name, and they would call it Pakistan which means "Land of Clean" clean from their Hindu brothers since hindus are considered to be dirty or unliked by the Muslims. There comes an Educated Muslim guy who made sense out of this name. If the country does get its indepandance, than it would be called Pakistan. P.A.K.I.S.T.A.N stands for P- for Punjabis, A- for Afghans, K-Kashmiries, I-Indians, S-Sindhis, and TAN or STAN was added by the british in our to make it closer to the Sanskirti word "Stan" which means " Land" which makes it close to next door "Afghanistan"

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When and where was blues originated?

blues were originated in 1894 in pakistan.

In which country and city did Hinduism begin?

Modern day Pakistan but Pakistan was part of India , it originated from India esssentially

What is the old name of Pakistan?

Pakistan has no old name, it was Pakistan when it created

When was Hinduism originted?

Hinduism originated in the Indus Valley near the Indus River in modern day Pakistan. But Hinduism migrated across to India (as you may know Pakistan was one part of India). There is no exact date that tells us when it originated as it is the oldest religion on the planet. Hinduism's real name is Santana Dharma

What is the official NAME of Pakistan?

Islamic Republic of Pakistan Islamic republic of pakistan official name of pakistan.

What is the ofiicial name of Pakistan?

I believe the official name of Pakistan is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan

Name the highest civil award in Pakistan?

Name of the highest Civil Award in Pakistan is Nishan-i-Pakistan (The Order of Pakistan)

What is old name of Karachi in Pakistan?

old name of Pakistan

Where does the last name Lake originated from?

The last name Lake originated from America.

Where was Chicken Tikka originated?

Chicken tikka is a dish of Indian subcontinent. It originated in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan possibly among the Hindkowans of Peshawar.

What is sikism place of origin?

Sikhism originated in the Punjab region between India and Pakistan.

Why are Pakistani blankets called Pakistanis?

It's because those blankets were originated from Pakistan.

Which is the official name of Pakistan?

Islamic Republic of Pakistan is the official name of Pakistan. Pakistan was named as Islamic Republic in 1956 by a unanimous resolution in National Assembly of Pakistan.

What is the name of Pakistan Punjab education secretary?

what is the name of pakistan education secatray name.

What is old name of gujrat Pakistan?

pakistan gujraat old name ?

What is the name of darulkhalipha of Pakistan?

The Name of Darulkhilafa (Capital) of Pakistan is Islamabad,

Where did the taliban originate?

They originated in northern Pakistan and then moved into Afghanistan. They ruled Afghanistan from 1996-2001.

The name of federal ministers of Pakistan?

Name of all minister of Pakistan and their desigination \

What is old name for Lahore Pakistan?

The old name of Lahore Pakistan is Lavapuri

Name the continent which the Olympic Games originated?

they are originated in Greece

What was Pakistan's previous name?

The previous name of Pakistan was Pakistan , and then later changed to Islamic Republic of Pakistan (by Mulla lovers).

What is the offical name of Pakistan?

Its Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

What is the name state of Pakistan?

islamic republic of pakistan

Who discovered Pakistan name?

Ch Rahmat Ali sb who dis Pakistan name.

Who suggested the name of capital of Pakistan?

Choudary Rehmat Ali suggested the name of Pakistan.