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Where the name Pakistan originated?

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2011-09-13 11:30:19

The name was created by an Indian Muslim named Chaudhary

Rahmat Ali, who studied in British Indian school and later was

a teacher in Aitchison College of Lahore. It was during those times

where Muslims and Hindus were uprised helped by the British in

order to make bring civil war. The Muslims wanted a new land, and a

separate name, and they would call it Pakistan which means "Land of

Clean" clean from their Hindu brothers since hindus are considered

to be dirty or unliked by the Muslims. There comes an Educated

Muslim guy who made sense out of this name. If the country does get

its indepandance, than it would be called Pakistan. P.A.K.I.S.T.A.N

stands for P- for Punjabis, A- for Afghans, K-Kashmiries,

I-Indians, S-Sindhis, and TAN or STAN was added by the british in

our to make it closer to the Sanskirti word "Stan" which means "

Land" which makes it close to next door "Afghanistan"

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