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This is slightly off the hip, and I will certainly yield (and encourage) a more researched answer: First I suspect you mean were there any African Jews killed by the Nazi's as part of their "final solution", now known as the Jewish Holocaust....and even more directly, were there Black Jews / People of Color Jews killed? Certainly Jews may come in any color or be found most any place. (You may find the much more modern story of the Falasha very interesting). It is reasonable that since there were limited Black Africans in most of Europe then, and fewer still that were Jewish, and that the Nazi's were out to exterminate Blacks as well as Jews, being both, (especially one of which you could not conceal), lowered your odds of surviving exponentionally. So highly likely the few there probably were, were some of the first exterminated. You also may want to consider that many Jews, even European ones then, are of a more Mid Eastern heritage and as such could frequently be of a darker skin than we Americans generally consider as a "jewish" look (eastern european). This non aryan look was also not a good thing in the world of the Nazi's. Not much was.

Add to Answer: During the North African campaign, 17 Concentration camps were establihed in places like Morocco, Libya , Algeria and Tunisia. This enterprise was a labor camp and no extermination camps were in place in North Africa. Jews living in those areas were rounded up, tortured and executed. The small numbers, did not mean that "African Jews" were not a part of the Holocaust.

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Q: Where there any African Jews involved in The Holocaust?
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Did any Jews escape from the Holocaust?

Yes! There were MANY Holocaust survivors. About one-third of European Jews survived the Holocaust.

What rights did the Jews have in the Holocaust?

They had no rights of any kind at all.

Were there any survivors after the Germans killed the Jews?

Yes. A small number of Jews survived the Holocaust.

What are three participles about Jews during the holocaust?

as per i know Jews did not had any specific participles..

Are their any famous places of the Holocaust?

Mostly its the concentration camps the Jews were kept at during the holocaust Auschwitz

Did any of the Jews manage to rescue themselves from the Holocaust?

Yes, there are holocaust survivors. Most of the Jews had help from the outside escaping, but many left their hometowns before the Nazis could get to them.

Who was there in the Holocaust?

Any Jews and Non germany aryan people who was Born atleast 15-16 years before the holocaust.

Were there any Jews left after the holocaust?

Yes. There were some survivors and there were Jews who had been beyond the reach of the Nazis, for example, Jews in Britain and the US.

Are any Jews that were in the Holocaust still alive?

Yes, tens or hundreds of thousands.

What was the role the Gestapo during the holocaust?

they aressted any Jews or enemy soldiers

How are Nazis and Jews alike?

Nazis and Jews are not alike in any way. Those people who say or believe that Nazis and Jews are alike are not only wrong, they are intolerant and bigoted. Nazis, the followers of Adolph Hitler, discriminated against Jews, and murdered or tortured many Jews in the Holocaust. Ask any Holocaust survivor, and they will tell you how the Nazis harmed the Jews. They will also tell you that Jews are not Nazis, and are not like the Nazis in any way.

Did intelligent Jews get gassed in the Holocaust?

All Jews regardless of any status, were killed by the Nazis, with no exceptions. Some were spared temporarily if they were able to be of some use to the Nazis, but in the end the Nazis wanted them all dead. ___ The fact that the Holocaust involved killing some highly qualified people didn't bother the Nazis in the least.

How did Anne live before the Holocaust?

What a stupid question!!! She lived like any normal girl, Jews were not of threat before the Holocaust

Why do Jews prefer the term shoah to Holocaust?

The problem with the word holocaust is that it has religious connotations, as its original meaning was burnt sacrifice. In general, Jews do not attach any religious significance to the Holocaust. The word shoah simply means catastrophe, disaster.

How did aryan race influence the Holocaust?

It didn't. Hitler was against Jews of any race.

Were there any Jews in Ukraine?

Yes, Ukraine had a significant Jewish community prior to the Holocaust.

When did the African holocaust start?

Holocaust is not an adjective. There have been many genocides in Africa, none of which has been given any greater acclaim than any other.

What type of Jews did Hitler kill?

It didn't seem to make any difference to Hitler what type of Jews were killed during the Holocaust,

How long had the holocaust been going on before the us got involved?

I wonder if you are confusing World War 2 with the Holocaust (which happened during World War 2). Neither the US nor any of its Allies was directly "involved" with the Holocaust.

Where did Jews flee to escape the holocaust?

Any where they could, the Jews of Denmark fled to Sweeden, as it was next door. the Jews of Poland tried to flee to the East and so forth.

Did any Jews survive the Holocaust?

Yes. One of the best known survivors is Elie Wiesel.

Was there any ghettos for Jews in Germany during the Holocaust?

Not in the old borders, but they were within 'Greater Germany'.

What is the difference between a Holocaust and a genocide?

There isn't really any difference, the Holocaust just refers to the genocide of the Jews during WW2, so the Holocaust was a genocide, it just refers to a specific one.

Why didn't any Jews try to escape?

Many Jews did try to escape death from the Holocaust. Some were caught and some succeeded. It is because of the survivors that we have an even better idea of the true events that occured during the Holocaust.

Can Jews go through Holocaust again in US?

Have you any reason at all to think that this is likely to happen? For example, are Jews persecuted in the US? Surely not!