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Travel Insurance is always a good idea whether you are a senior citizen or not. You can find information on insurance for seniors here:

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Q: Where to apply for senior citizen travel insurance?
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how can I apply for a senior citizen grant to upgrade my home?

how do I apply for a senior citizen application to upgrade my home

How do I apply for a Gov. grant for a disabled senior citizen ?

How do I apply for a Gov. grant for a disabled senior citizen ?

What discounts on travel can i apply for being a senior citizen?

It really depends on which company you go with as each has their own differing rates. Here is one site to get you started:

Where can one apply for senior health insurance in British Columbia?

There are many places a person can apply for senior health insurance in British Columbia. Health dot gov dot bc is one online site that a person can go to to apply for senior health insurance.

How do I apply for a senior citizen id?

Senior citizen are those that have reached a specific age. Any photo ID with your age on it should suffice.

Where to apply senior citizen id card in chennai?

To apply for a senior citizen ID card in Chennai, India you must go to Eme Services & Suppliers. Their address is No 2 Jaganathan Road Chennai. Also, the phone number to reach them is 938-100-2849.

How do apply for travel insurance for Australia?

To apply for travelers insurance, you can go to a travelers insurance website and fill out a form to get a quote on how much insurance you might need and how much it will cost. From there you can talk to the travel agency and they can advise you on which one is best for you.

Does CIBC insurance offer travel insurance?

CIBC does indeed offer travel insurance. One may also purchase creditor insurance from CIBC as well as apply for a credit card, open a bank account and apply for a mortgage.

How do you get travel insurance?

It is not so tough to get travel insurance. First of all check your current insurance company, is it supporting this area or not? If it is not supporting travel insuranace then apply for travel insurance. I got my travel insurance from COVOMO.COM. You may also try this one.Good luck

Are there senior discounts on airlines?

There are senior discounts for airlines, and there are many places that you can apply the discount. is one place that you can get the senior discounts.

How to apply for AAA travel insurance?

AAA offers applications to their travel insurance on their website at It is also possible to apply on the phone. Their phone number is 1 (877) 611 2954.

As a Slovakia citizen can you travel to Pakistan without visa?

You will have to apply for a visa, which is quite easy to get.