Where to buy LEGO parts?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: Where to buy LEGO parts?
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Where can one buy LEGO helicopter parts?

One can purchase LEGO helicopter parts in many different places. Some places one can buy them are eBay, Amazon, the LEGO official store, Big W and The Daily Brick.

Where can you buy cheap LEGO?

The best place to buy cheap Lego is from the Internet. Sites like eBay and Amazon are the best, and most reliable for purchasing Lego sets, minifigures, parts etc (new and old).

What is the buy online place to buy spare Lego parts? Unofficial Lego Marketplace Obtain almost ANY brick or mini-figure you're looking for from sellers Worldwide.

Where can you buy some specific individual Lego pieces namely racks pinions and gears?

You can go to the LEGO site and they allow you to order individual parts there, so you don't need to buy a set. People also sell lots of different parts on eBay sometimes.

Where to buy men LEGO shoes?

you buy it at a Lego shop

Does the Lego store buy Lego?

No. The LEGO store is part of the LEGO company.

Where can you buy military LEGO?

LEGO doesn't sell military set . If you are ok with much lower quality of parts check out best-lock toys. There are companies that specialize purely in creating custom Military / Army Minifigures or Model kits out standard LEGO parts and some custom elements.

Where can you buy LEGO train sets?

eBay, Amazon or the Lego website are the best places to buy Lego train sets.

How do you create LEGO parts?

It would be very hard to make Lego parts yourself, that's up to Lego to do! Also, it's against the Lego Copyright notice, so I wouldn't if I was you! :)

Can you buy LEGO catman on LEGO batman game?

No, you can only buy 'Catwoman' on the game.

How do you get the LEGO universe skin on my LEGO network?

Buy it!!

Were can you buy LEGO universe?

At any Lego Store