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Where to buy corvette lt1 5.7 fuel rail covers?

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Can you buy a permanent in-line fuel gauge for a 1992 corvette?

can byou buy a permanent in-line fuel gauge for a 1992 corvette

I m looking for covers and accessories of my Corvette can any one tell you the best resource for that?

hi dude. the right place to buy corvette covers is . This website offering covers only for corvette. hopefully i helped you thanks

How do you remove a fuel rail?

You buy the chilton/haynes and follow the instructions inside.

Where is the fuel pressure on a 1997 Mercury Villager?

If you mean the fuel pressure regulator it's mounted on the end of the front fuel rail buy the intake manifold.

Can you replace the fuel pressure regulator on a 3.4 1995 firebird your self?

not serviceable but now you can buy a regulator rebuild kit otherwise you will have to buy the entire fuel rail assembly

Iam looking to buy a 1982 Corvette with the cross fire fuel inj Is this a reliable system?

not till 1984 is when it came out

Which rail should buy the element rail or the zero rail?

you should get the zerement rail its a mixture of an element and the zero

Can you buy a Corvette stingray concept?


Where can I buy 1975 Corvette fuse panel?

You can order it via the Eckler's Corvette website.

Where can I buy patio covers and what are they?

Our Realtor suggested patio covers to stage our home. What are patio covers and where can I buy them?

Where can I buy a used corvette?

I would search on ebay or craiglist for a used corvette at an affordable price.

How can you tell if you have a fuel delivery problem in a 1999 Tahoe?

go the parts store and buy a test kit for fuel injection and on your motor on t he return side of your fuel rail there will be a fitting to attach the gauge and compare to manufactures specs

What does a 1927 Corvette look like?

There is no such thing as a 1927 Corvette. LOL, hope you didn't buy one.

Should a man buy a Corvette?

BUY IT!! Lots of men drive vettes

Where can you buy a snowboarding rail?


My 1999 blazer is stalling out and there is a noise coming from underneath buy the the gas tanks.?

The fuel pump is inside the fuel tank. It's supposed to hum or make a little noise; that's not a problem unless it sounds like a bad bearing or other serious problem. If you suspect the fuel pump, borrow, rent or buy a fuel pressure gauge and connect it to the fuel rail test port.

What can one buy from the dealership Corvette Central?

Corvette Central is a big online store that help people buy Corvette parts and accessories. They sell items such as air filters, oil filters, exhaust pipes, doors and many more.

I want to buy a mustang but I want it to rumble which engine would I need for it to do that?

buy a corvette

Where can one buy and trade Corvettes?

If you are looking to buy or trade your Corvette there are websites available to you for this specific purpose. Vette Finders and Corvette traders are just two of the many websites available. Your local Corvette dealerships are also be a good place to look.

Where is the fuel pressure test port on 2002 ford focus?

The 2002 Ztec engine does not have a schrader valve. You have to buy a t adapter that fits between the fuel supply and the pressure regulator. The system is a non-return system, that is why the other end of the fuel rail is capped.

Where can you buy nice ground effects for a 1984 corvette?


Why didn't the elephant buy a Corvette?

because it didn't have a trunk

Why didnt the elephant buy a Corvette?

Because Im batman

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Where can one purchase Corvette brakes?

You can purchase Corvette brakes at the v band p website. They have good prices on Corvette brakes and they have a variety of brands to buy. Visit their website for more information.