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Where to find VIN on 1955 Ford Thunderbird?


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It is located on the firewall.

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There are no VIN numbers on a 1955 Ford. There are manufacture data plates. Look on the firewall, door post, inside glove box, in trunk.

Click the link. This is the Thunderbird Registry. It has information about actual vehicles and their VINs, not just general information. It is for all Thunderbirds 1955-2005 regardless of condition or location.

Ford truck enthusists has a vin decoder.

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On the rear of the engine bay. On the panel that covers the wiper motors on the passenger side

The vin plate on a 1955 ford pickup is located on the inside of the glove box door. it is riveted into the back edge of the door so if your glove box door is gone you will be out of luck on that truck.

the VIN on a 55' f-100 is on the inside of the glove box door. You may also find it on top of the drivers side frame rail, between the firewall and the steering gear box.

No , on the 1996 Ford Thunderbird , the 4.6 liter V8 engine is : The 8th " character " of the VIN is a " W " ( which means the engine was manufactured in ROMEO , Michigan ) It seems backwards to me that " 6 " indicates the 4.6 liter V8 manufactured in Windsor , Ontario , Canada and that " W " is the 4.6 liter V8 , Romeo , Michigan engine , but that's the way Ford has it

Most states recognize the frame number as the official VIN in this vintage Ford. It will be stamped in the frame in various locations depending on the model vehicle. Look for it in the engine compartment. Look on top of the frame rail on either side of the motor. Could be anywhere from the firewall to the front cross member. May possibly be on the front cross memeber. It will be the full VIN. ----

To find a Ford VIN number one should either go to the autobody dealer whom the Ford vehicle was purchased from, or one can go to the Ford Fleet website and follow the procedures there.

You can find your engine VIN by typing your vehicle VIN here:

where is the VIN located on a 1937 ford pickup

Driver's side, on the dash, next to the windshield, in the far left corner.

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1964 ford falcon sprint vin # 4h14f115812 and code

call your ford dealer. Your 8th digit on your vin # if a 4 it is a 3.8

You will not find a VIN #. The modern day VIN system did not start until 1980. You may however find a Serial # or similar #. Look in the glove box, trunk, on the door posts, and under the hood on the firewall.

I cannot decode this as it matches no Ford VIN codes I know of.

In fact, that is possible. With Ford cars and possibly other cars, it is possible to find the window sticker just by using the VIN number of basically any car.

You can find out if you have the VIN at this website:

it should be on either the drivers door or on the glove compartment lid

Call the service department of a Ford dealership with the VIN number and they can tell you.

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There are two I have found. One in on the VIN data plate on the drivers door. The other I have found is under the cowl on the passenger side.

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