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Where to find dragonair in Pokemon emerald?


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You cant. You have to trade it from Firered or Leafgreen.

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You have to trade from Fire red or leaf green.

Dragonair are found rarely at Mt. Coronet.

You can get a Dragonair from the Dragon's Den in Blackthorn City (Super Rod needed).

Dragonair is a dragon type pokemon.

where can i find groudan in Pokemon emerald

You can't find a wild dragonair, but you can find dratini if you use a super rod in dragon's den, but be patient, as they are extremely rare.

you cant get reggiggas in Pokemon emerald

there is no mist stone in Pokemon emerald

There is nowhere that you can find diglett in Pokemon emerald.

Dratini evolves into dragonair and dragonair evolves into dragonite

get a dratini and lvl it up, at lvl 30 becomes dragonair and 55 it becomes dragonite

You cannot find an infernape in Pokemon emerald for that Pokemon you need Pokemon platinum, pearl or diamond.

you can't get dragonair in the safari zone but go fishing with a good or super rod in any water until you find dratini the first form of dragonair

You can't find a Dawnstone in Pokemon Emerald

dratini evolves on 33 to dragonair then dragonair evolves on 55

Very rarely if you use a super rod in the central area and Area 1 of the safari zone you can find dragonair.

You have a tiny chance to find one in Dragon's Lair.

You catch it in mt cornetbut its quite rare

You cannot get Rhyperior in Pokemon emerald as he is only in Pokemon diamond and pearl.

Can get one, in emerald its a fourth gen pokemon.

In Pokemon Emerald, Groundon and Kyogre are legendary Pokemon. You can find them in the Marine Cave and the Terra Cave.

you can't get paras in emerald

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