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Where to find hm defog in soul silver?


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That HM is not in the game. I'm sorry


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there is no TM defog sorry, unless u are talking about an other one i don't know.

You find the HM Defog in the cave in solaceon town where you find the unknown

The HM defog is in the grate marsh.the guy on the right has it.

In Platinum, you can find the Defog HM in the Solaceon Ruins.

walk into the great marsh and theres a person there they give you HM defog

You don't you have to use an Hm on a Pokemon

you get hm strength and hm defog after defeating two gym leader.Fantina(defog) Byron(strength).

you find defog at the safari zone right when you walk in you go to a girl and she gives you defog Toe311,but its diferrent on platinum

Defog did not become a move until Generation 6 so you will not be able to find it in LeafGreen

you go to blackhorn city and there you will find a place there

you will find waterfall on the 1st floor on ice path

You will find Unown in the Solaceon Ruins and the HM Defog.

in pastoria city in the great marsh talk to the ace trainer and he will give you defog

The HM Defog is in the safari zone in Pastoria City.The first guy when you walk in will give you it!:)

Go 2 the town named Solaceon Town and go all the way 2 the right and go 2 the ruins and you can find the Hm Defog

It is in the part of the game that is full of fog but if you go before that i think in a cave HM defog is in there.

right next to the snowpoint city

You can find the HM defog in the lowest floor of the unown ruins place. You have to read the wall and go right to the bottom and its there.

You can find the HM Defog. Also, all the wild Pokemon are Unown.

you find it in the solaceon ruins east from the Pokemon center.

you have to meet gym leader from kanto in Cinnabar island

You can find it on the ice path leading to the eighth gym if I'm not mistaken.

You get defog from a person in the safari zone.

You have to go into the Great Marsh in Pastoria City which is Sinnoh's version of the Safari Zone and talk to the person near the entrance and that person will give you the HM of Defog.

to get defog go to the safari zone in pastoria city and talk to the first person that you see when you enter and she will give u the hm

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