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you will find waterfall on the 1st floor on ice path

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I think you find it in the Icy path.

If you are talking about Soul Silver, you need to fight all of the Komono girls and then follow a pathway is Swirl Islands. You will find Lugia in Waterfall Cave

lugia and fregulater and charmander

you will have to find the man in ice path talk to him and then he will give you hm water fall

Nope. That waterfall at the entrance of the cave is for Moltres

Get the HM Waterfall in the ice path then go to victory road click A on the waterfall and your pokemon will go up the waterfall.

up the waterfall where you catch lugia

HM07 Waterfall is found in the Ice Path, not the Whirl Islands.

As soon as you get to the waterfall basin make sure you have the power waterfall. Then u should find lugia although you have to have all eight badges

in the cave before black thorn city

you can find it at the safari zone gate at the bottom of the waterfall

in Pokemon soul silver you will find it (it is not in the grass)

Ditto is found at Routes 34 , 35 and 47 in Pokemon soul silver

You can not. There is no possible way of getting a Deoxy's in Pokemon Soul Silver.

you can't get skorupi on Pokemon silver, but in soul silver he is in the safari zone

Only on heart gold.not soul silver but i don't have one!

You can only find Groudon in Pokemon Soulsilver. You find Kyogre in heartgold.You'll need to trade for it from Pokemon Soul Silver.You'll need to trade for it from Pokemon Soul Silver.

get the TM surf and waterfall and youll pass it

there in the cave where the waterfall is.(explained it the best i could)

you use a moonstone you get one in tohjo falls(you need the hm waterfall)

HM07 Waterfall is found on the Ice Path.