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Where to find sheet music for Barbie as the Island Princess?


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Sheet music for four songs from "Barbie as the Island Princess" are available on the movie DVD that you can buy or rent. Put the DVD in a PC, running Windows, and you can print the sheet music. Just type in want you want and you can get it.


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To purchase sheet music, visit your local music store. A store that specializes in pianos would have books with sheet music for many songs.

Most music stores contain books filled with sheet music. Unfortunately, there is no information containing sheet music for Barbie and the 12 Princesses. If your local music store does not carry them or can't order them, this sheet music may not be available to the public.

A good place to look for free piano sheet music for Barbie in Rapunzel's theme song would be on the Barbie website.

I am looking for the sheet music I need to know from Barbie Island Princess. I cannot seem to locate it anywhere. Help my daughter wants to sing the song in a talent show at school -------------------- Not sure how to answer properly on this site BUT I found the sheet music. It took some searching on the Barbie site. I will include the URL and also instructions on how to get sheet music for other movie/musicals they have done. Go to either click skip intro OR wait till it's finished. Click Music. Click "Print the Songs and Sing Along. 4 songs are listed. To access other sheet music from other movies/musicals of Barbie's go to click on "Garden", click on "Princess Palace" (when you mouse over this will display and say "grab your crown and go"). Scroll through the galleries and get what you want. i promise it works :)

Yes you can go to and type in the exact words "barbie and the diamond castle sheet music scribd" and you can get sheet music for two voices one song and we're gonna find it. :)

on the Internet and some shops but not many

you see the lady statue and click on her. then you have to memorize the pattern the lady plays. then she gives you the music sheet.

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Sarah J. Shaw has written: 'Rhode Island sheet music index' -- subject(s): Bibliography, Brown University, Brown University. Library, Catalogs, Music, Rhode Island Sheet Music Collection (Providence, R.I.)

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I find this website useful. It's written for piano, but I use it for my flute so it might work with trumpet. Just scroll down until you see the hyrule field music. Hope this helped :D

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