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If you download a 3DS game or DSi Ware (not DLC) from the Nintendo eShop, the game will appear on the home menu for the 3DS XL.


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When you've downloaded a game, they appear as a wrapped gift box on your main menu screen. Touch them to open them and they will turn into the game icon.

eBay is the best place to find games for the Nintendo 64.

The Nintendo website has a list of all of the current games put out for the Nintendo DS. There is also a comprehensive list on the Wikipedia page "List of Nintendo DS games."

There are no building games like Roblox that do not have to be downloaded. The only game remotely like Roblox that does not have to be downloaded is Minecraft. However, Minecraft costs $15.

There are many places where one can find Nintendo DS cheats. One can find Nintendo DS cheats at popular on the web sources such as My Cheats and Games Radar.

One can find the iDeaS emulator for Nintendo DS on a number of websites. It can be downloaded from 'NDS Emulator', 'The Emulator Zone' and from 'Softsonic'.

The 3DS' Netflix application can be downloaded from the Nintendo eShop. Netflix will usually be under a category labelled "Apps," but if you have trouble finding it, you can also use the search bar to find it.

There is no Webkinz Nintendo DS game.

you can find it in (australia?) EB Games

you can find a few but not many

You can't play nintendo DS games on a PC; you can however find a modular for your PC, which will allow you to download games on the web to play on the PC.

It will be under your games downloads. If you have downloaded many games they may be grouped together. Then you find the group click that and then move to your desired game and click it. Of course games have to be installed and may have to be updated before you play them

Sometimes it depends what games your playing sometimes its a code or Nintendo event.

Yes. I have read about it on Nintendo's website, but you can find out more on March 27.

by installing it with nokia application installer and then entering into the applications folder where you will find the games.

To find a list of all the available Pokemon games for the Nintendo DS, one can go to the official Nintendo site. One can also go to various wikis that are dedicated to the Pokemon series.

Sometimes the games are in folders under the games section. You can use the options key and combine them by type or split them. You might have to first click the folder to open it and find your game. It depends on if you have downloaded it from the PlayStation Store, if you have you can access it by going to 'GAMES' on the User Interface, then scroll down to the title of your game. Games can only be downloaded from the Playstation store and then they are installed and available under the games section

You can find a list of all Nintendo DS games online at the Wikipedia. Once on the page, type "List of Nintendo DS Games" into the search field at the top of the page and press enter to bring up the list.

You can't buy any Pokemon games for PS2. Pokemon is a Nintendo brand and they only make games for Nintendo consoles.

Pokemon are not real, but you can play Pokemon games on Nintendo DS...etc.

NInetendo is a very popular game console company. You can find games for Nintendo DSI just about anywhere including Walmart, game centers, Radio shack, and even at your local pawn shop.

You can purchase games for the Nintendo Wii at any large supply store such as Walmart or Target. Also online shopping is an option you can usually find the games cheaper and sometimes in a large selection of used games.

The only Death Note games I am aware of are on the Nintendo DS and where released only in Japan.

No, you cannot find Kirby games on your PS3. Kirby is owned by Nintendo and therefore only appears on their gaming consoles. The only new consoles that would have Kirby in them would be games on the Nintendo DS and the Wii.

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