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Where to get Milotic in Pokemon Platinum?

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You can't get the Pokemon in Pokemon Platinum.

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Cynthia the Pokemon Champion has a Milotic in Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Platinum.

Roserade Togekiss Garchomp Spiritomb Milotic Lucario

Cynthia, the Pokémon Champion has 1.

The easyest Pokemon is scizer and the hardest Pokemon is milotic.

yes in the elite 4 the champs last Pokemon is milotic (hope this helps kck out)

numbers 138 and 139 are Feebas and Milotic.

she has milotic,gastrodon,garchomp,spiritomb,lucario,togekiss

you can't just find it you have to evolve a feebas signed:hartm017

yes me my name is mojika in Pokemon platinum

Cynthia has: Spiritomb Lucario Garchomp Togekiss Milotic roserade

cythia has garchomp, roserade, milotic, spiritomb, lucario, and tokikiss

The champion is Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, is Cynthia. She has various Pokemon-types. She is the Sinnoh Champion. Her Pokemon are Spiritomb, Lucario, Togekiss, Milotic, Garchomp and Roserade. In Platinum, Cynthia has a Togekiss. In Diamond and Pearl, she has a Gastrodon.

She has six.Spritomb,Togekiss,Milotic,Garchomp,Lucario and Roserade.

get his beauty (like for Pokemon contests) ALL the way up and then level him up into milotic.

diamond and pearl spirttomb garchomp roserade gastrodon milotic and lucario platinum spirttomb garchomp roserade lucario milotic and togekiss

Milotic is a Water type Pokemon.

you cant exactly catch a milotic but you can catch a feebas at mt.cornet and feed it dry poffins. its a low chance of catching a feebas though

You cant find a "Wild" Milotic. You must find a wild Feebas and give it max beauty then train it one level.

u have to catch a feebas in mt. coronet its in four fishing spots

you can't catch milotic, you have to get a feebas and max out its beauty using poffins a feebas is a small ugly fish u have 2 catch somwer

Cynthia has a Garchomp, Spiritomb, Milotic, Lucario, Roserade, and a Togekiss. Her Pokemon are mostly around level 60-73. Thanks If That Helps!

Feebas becomes Milotic

You can't find Milotic in Pokemon Fire Red.

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