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Where to get a Lapras in Pokemon LeafGreen?

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1.You can catch it on either Four Island or in the In Icefall Caves on Four Island you can just surf around and you'll find a Lapras. I belive you can only catch a wild Lapras in Pokemon Leaf Green. can get a lapras for free in the silph co

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Is lapras tough in Pokemon LeafGreen?

yes lapras is a fairly strong Pokemon

What level does lapras evolve in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Lapras has no evolution.

How do you get a lapras?

In Pokemon LeafGreen They Give it to you for FREE jeje ;)

Where is lapras in silph co in pokemon leafgreen?

7th floor.

How do you get lapras in Pokemon LeafGreen?

after defeating gary at silph co , talk to the guy in the room. he will give you lapras

What are all the rare pokemon in leafgreen?

magmar, lapras, tauros,chansey magmar, lapras, tauros,chansey magmar, lapras, tauros,chansey

How do you get the Pokemon lapras in emerald?

You can neither trade from FireRed/LeafGreen to Emerald or using Cheat device.. After all Lapras not wild in Pokemon emerald..

Can you find a Lapras in Pokemon Ruby?

No, you have to trade one from firered or leafgreen.

How do you catch lapras in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Somebody will give it to you at the Silph Co. in Saffron city.

How do you catch a lapras in Pokemon LeafGreen?

When you rescue silph co you fight Gary or what ever you named him then talk to the other guy and he gives you a lapras.

How do you get Lapras in Pokemon Pokemon LeafGreen?

In Sliph co., just before the fight with Giovanni, and after the fight with the rival, there is a man that gives it to you

How do you get the legendary Pokemon in the ice fall cave in Pokemon LeafGreen?

There is no legendary Pokemon in Icefall Cave on 4 Island. The rare Pokemon mentioned to be there is Lapras.

How do i get lapres in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Lapras is gifted to you by the employers in the Silph Building (during the Rocket Takeover), once you beat your rival the man near him will give you Lapras.

How do you get sufiry ball on Pokemon LeafGreen?

go to the elite four, battle Lorelei and use thief on her Lapras and it will be holding it.

What Pokemon evolves into lapras?

No Pokemon evolves into lapras

Where is the lapras at in the silph company in Pokemon LeafGreen?

He is on the 7th floor, (right before the 11th floor with the man that gives you a masterball).

Which Pokemon can use HM strength in leafgreen?

Lapras. You can only get one if you really lucky or if you talk to someone in the Silph Co.

How do you get a lampras in Pokemon LeafGreen?

its in silph co, when u fight finish gary(your rival) you talk to the man and he will give you lapras

Can Blastoise and lapras breed in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Yeah im pretty sure hey catch a ditto its easier to breed with that.

Where is lapars in Pokemon LeafGreen?

I think you mean Lapras, anyway it can be found at the Silph Co as a gift or caught at the Icefall Cave.

What type of Pokemon is lapras?

I believe lapras is a water and ice Pokemon

What are Ash's Pokemon in LeafGreen?

Pikachu , Charzard, Blastoise, Venusaur, Lapras, Snorlax. all lvl 80 if I remember. Hope it helped!

Can you get a lapras in Pokemon LeafGreen?

yes if you are in saffron wander around and a nice lady or man will give you one after you beat team rocket

How do you find a LAPRAS in Pokemon Diamond?

you need a cheat that can catch a trainer's Pokemon to have lapras. because there is a trainer that has a lapras.

Can you catch lapras in ruby?

no trade it from firered or leafgreen