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Where to get a super rod for soul silver?


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if I remember right its in a house in Olivine City


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you can find a super potion in the golden rod department.

you get the good rod from somebody, and on route 12 there is a house, walk in there and speak to the guy, he will give you a super rod :).

Fishing in Vermillion with a Super Rod.

If you have the super rod you can find them by the water at route 34.

if its on pokemon soul silver, just use your super rod in violet city.

U can use a good or super rod. u will have better luck with the super rod. and if u cant find them, their at route 44. hope i helped

You must speak with the Fishing Guru on Route 12.

After you beat the elite four and On the silent dock there's a house say yes to his question and you get the supper rod

got mine at either cherrygrove, or at the town with the lighthouse or pharmacy with a super rod for all

You talk to everybody in every town, that's how I got mine, I forget who in what town though...

they are the good rod the u get the super rod and finally u get the master rod and u also get to catch diffrent pokemon with each rod answerd by benbower-rose

The old rod should be in goldenrod city the good rod should be in olivine city and the super rod should be in lavender city. I'm not sure about the old rod. You just have to talk to people

you need to go to the safari zone and use a super rod with 20 water items in the swamp

It is in the Kanto region on route 12. It is the Fishing Guru's Brother, in the only house for a little while.

trade it from diamond, pearl and platinum super rod around the middle of mt coronet use a certain rod to indacate what level you want it at hope i helped

It is at Seafoam Islands while Surfing or using the Good/Super Rod and at Whirl Islands, while using the Good/Super Rod.

its in migginiggins garage outside portrush

The easiest place is in the Dragon Den. Dratini can only be found with a Super Rod, however. Any other rod will only result in Magikarp and Tenticool.

It is not in olivine it is in Kanto Region under lavender town were the bridge is u will see a house talk to guy there u have super rod.

you will find it in a house somewhere

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