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Hi, Try this place : Quality Auto Parts I've had great luck with them. Steve H.

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Q: Where to get a used or refurburished ECM for a 1997 geo tracker?
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Geo tracker ecm discount ecm warehouse eBay best deals?

Yes i have a discount ecm warehouse ecm installed in my tracker .i have had very good luck with there shipping great product and no high core charges.

How to set timing on 1995 Geo Tracker?

You don't, it is controlled by the ECM.

Where is the ECM unit in a 1997 Chevy Malibu?

where is the ecm unit in a 1997 Chevy Malibu 3.1 6 cly

Where is the ecm computer in a 1997 Ford Ranger?

The 1997 Ford Ranger ECM computer is located behind the dashboard. The computer will be on the passenger side of the passenger compartment.

How do install the ECM in 1992 Geo Tracker?

it is behind the drivers side speaker u have to remove the speaker, und bolts on ecm and lift it out. then you put in the new one a plug it in. no programming is required.

Is the ECM the same on a 1997 and 2000 2.4 Plymouth breeze?


Ecm battery fuse and gages fuse blow 1997 blazer s 10?

change alternater first, then ecm blowed

Where is the ecm located on a 1997 Nissan Quest?

you will find ECM center front (inside car ) on the floor hide by black plastic.

91 tracker will not start No pulsed DC to injectors can this be bypassed vs new ecm?

NO. You must have an ecm to run the injectors, as they require the proper drop ballast resistors that are in the ecm among other factors of proper fuel injector control that only the ecm can manage properly based on other sensor inputs for different driving conditions.

How to reset ecm in 1995-1997 chevy tahoe with 5.7?

Just unhook the battery cables for 5 mins, That will reset the ECM

Where is the ecm on a 1997 dodge pick up located?

Passenger side of the firewall.

Has anybody ever swapped a 1995 geo tracker port fuel injected automatic trans engine w1994 tbi standard trans engine i changed wiring harness but not ecm won't fire all help appreciated?

you will need the ecm that goes with that motor, or have your ecm reprogramed but i dont know were you can have that done.

Will a 33920-58B10 ECU fit a 1993 suzuki sidekick?

possibly That is a California emissions ecm and works with 92 4dr sidekick\tracker

What is ECM on Geo Tracker?

It's right behind the drivers side speaker, by the steering wheel in a 92 geo tracker. But I've read that you can bypass the ECM if your geo isn't starting but cranks. It's make a jump wire from the main black wire from the coilpack to the red wire on the fuel injector. Im about to try it with mine. Hope this helps. ! Good luck.

Location of ecm in 1997 Infiniti J30?

It is under the dash, in back of the glove box.

Where is the ECM located on a 1997 GMC Sonoma?

Should be under the hood on the pasenger side.

What could cause the dash lights and lights in the heater not to work on a 1993 Tracker new ECM alternator and bulbs?

either a fuse for dash or the light switch

ECM Computer keeps going out on 1997 Z28 Camaro what can cause this?

usually if a computer fails repeatedly it is faulty ignition coil or alternator. also try replacing ecm fuse.

What would make a 1997 Chrysler cirrus have no spark and no fuel to the fuel rail?

check the ecm fuse

Where is the ecm b fuse located on 1997 astro van?

In the fuse holder , look at you owners manual.

Where is the ECM fuse located on a 1997 Camaro z28?

It is in the fuse box. It will be a red 10 amp fuse.

Where is the ecm on a 1997 subaru impraza outback?

Under the carpet where the front seat passenger puts their feet.

Where is the fuel relay on a 1993 Geo Tracker?

Try looking under the dash on the drivers side, i belive you will see the fuel pump relay along with the "ECM".. good luck

Will a 1989 Suzuki Sidekick ECM work in a 1991 Geo Tracker if both engines are 8 valve?

YES, as long as both engines are a 1.6L 8V then the ECM's are the same.

You are not getting fuel to the Injector The pump is good What can be causing this problem This is a 1990 Tracker.?

Check for a bad engine control module or ECM fuse. If it is good, take out the ECM and take the cover off and look for a burned resistor. It is located behind the speaker on the drivers side lower dash.