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Q: Where to get best currency exchange rate from Singapore dollar to Chinese Renminbi in Singapore?
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What currency do the Chinese use?

The Chinese currency is called the Renminbi

What are the Chinese currency?

RMB (Renminbi).

What type of currency does china use?

Chinese currency is CNY - Chinese Yuan Renminbi. Not the previous answer "euro"

What is the Chinese currency symbol?

CNY (China Yuan Renminbi), ¥

Is Sen China currency?

no, it is Chinese yuan renminbi (CYR)

What is the full form of RMB?

Renminbi ( Chinese Yean Renmibi ) (currency)

What is the difference between Chinese currency and American currency?

Renminbi is the currency issued by the People's Bank of China, the monetary authority of China. The price of one US dollar is in today's rate is equivalent to 6.11 Chinese Yuan (RMB).The difference between Renminbi and Yuan is that Renminbi is the official name of the currency and Yuan is the main unit of currency.

What is rmb currency?

rmb stands for "Renminbi" which literally translates to "People's Currency" from Chinese. It is the currency of China and it's primary unit is the Yuan.

How much value to India's currency to China's currency?

== == Assuming the Indian currency is the Rupee, below is how it converts to the Chinese Yuan Renminbi: == ==

What is RMB in China?

RMB is the abbreviation for China's currency (known as the Renminbi and Chinese Yuan).

What currency is used in Beijing?

The money used in Beijing is the Chinese RenMinBi, or RMB for short.

What is the currency and currency symbols of China?

The Chinese currency is the "Yuan" or "Renminbi". The official (ISO) currency code is CNY although many use RMB.

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