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Q: Where to get best currency exchange rate from Singapore dollar to Chinese Renminbi in Singapore?
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What currency do the Chinese use?

The Chinese currency is called the Renminbi

What are the Chinese currency?

RMB (Renminbi).

What type of currency does china use?

Chinese currency is CNY - Chinese Yuan Renminbi. Not the previous answer "euro"

What is the Chinese currency symbol?

CNY (China Yuan Renminbi), ¥

Is Sen China currency?

no, it is Chinese yuan renminbi (CYR)

What is the difference between Chinese currency and American currency?

Renminbi is the currency issued by the People's Bank of China, the monetary authority of China. The price of one US dollar is in today's rate is equivalent to 6.11 Chinese Yuan (RMB).The difference between Renminbi and Yuan is that Renminbi is the official name of the currency and Yuan is the main unit of currency.

What is the full form of RMB?

Renminbi ( Chinese Yean Renmibi ) (currency)

How much value to India's currency to China's currency?

== == Assuming the Indian currency is the Rupee, below is how it converts to the Chinese Yuan Renminbi: == ==

What is the currency and currency symbols of China?

The Chinese currency is the "Yuan" or "Renminbi". The official (ISO) currency code is CNY although many use RMB.

What currency is used in Beijing?

The money used in Beijing is the Chinese RenMinBi, or RMB for short.

What is RMB in China?

RMB is the abbreviation for China's currency (known as the Renminbi and Chinese Yuan).

What is the US currency exchange rate compared to China?

Currently, one American dollar equals about 6.82 CYRs (Chinese Yuan Renminbi). Comparatively, one CYR equals about 15 cents in American currency.

What is rmb currency?

rmb stands for "Renminbi" which literally translates to "People's Currency" from Chinese. It is the currency of China and it's primary unit is the Yuan.

What currency for Chinese?

The renminbi is the official currency of the People's Republic of China.It is more commonly known outside China as the Yuan. (Similar to British currency being known as Sterling and the Pound)The International currency code is CNY

What is the national currency of China?

China uses the Chinese Yuan or Renminbi.1 yuan equals 10 jiao, 1 jiao equals 10 fen. (100 fen to the yuan)YuanThe Chinese Yuan Renminbi is the currency for China.the yuanThe official currency of mainland China is the Yuan.

Who is the man on china yen?

The man on Chinese Renminbi Yuan currency banknote is the portrait of Mao Zedong.

How much is 1142 USD in Chinese renminbi?

I'd never heard of the currency - HOWEVER - the currency website 'Xe' quotes 1142 USD as being worth 7013.71 CNY. CNY is the code for the Renminbi. See related link to get an up to date conversion.

What is the current exchange rate of the us dollar to the Chinese yuan renminbi?

Currently, 1 US dollar is 9 Chinese Yuan (rounded to the nearest Yuan.)

Name of Chinese money?


What does money from China look like?

Chinese renminbi consists of both paper and coin currency. The coins feature pandas and the paper money features dragons. Paper currency has the denomination written in both English and Chinese lettering.

What is the difference between RMB and Pakistani rupee?

Chinese Yuan Renminbi (CNY) or (RMB) and Pakistani Rupees (PKR) Currency Exchange Rate is: 1 CNY or RMB = 13.7112 PKR 1 PKR = 0.0729332 CNY 9/15/2011

Is Chinese currency more valuble than American currency?

no $1=about 6.6 Chinese yuan (exchange rate is always changing though)

How much is 100 Chinese yuan renminbi in American dollars?

The rates change every day. Use this currency converter to calculate it.

What is the standard currency in China?

Currency has been used in China since the New Stone Age, in which Chinese also invented paper money in the 9th century.Today Renminbi (Chinese: ???), literally People's currency, abbreviated to RMB, is the currency in mainland of the People's Republic of China. The unit for Renminbi is Yuan (?), Jiao (?), Fen (?): 1 Yuan = 10 Jiao = 100 Fen.Hong Kong, Macao and the Republic of China have their own monetary policies and currencies that may not necessarily be intercompatible with the renminbi.For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, click on the related links section (Wikipedia) indicated below.

What is the Chinese form of currency?

Chinese currency is RMB(contain cash and coin) Renminbi (人民币) is the currency of the People's Republic of China. Its principal unit is the yuan (元), subdivided into 10 jiao (角). Each is further subdivided into 10 fen (分). The renminbi is issued by the People's Bank of China, the monetary authority of the PRC.China's currency is the Renminbi and the unit is popularly known as yuan.1 yuan equals 10 jiao, 1 jiao equals 10 fen. There are parts of China where the yuan is also known as Kuai and Jiao is known as mao. Chinese currency is issued in the following denominations: one, two, five, ten, twenty, fifty and one hundred yuan; one, two and five jiao; and one, two and five fen.Sometimes we call it "yuan" or "kuai" the official name is RenMin Bi or RMB for short. RenMinBi means "the people's money"