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What gauge and grade is it?


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I don't think there is an invector plus model. Invector Plus is the choke system Browning uses on newer shotguns.

Browning did not make an Invector model. That is the type choke system of the shotgun.

Invector is a brand not a choke. Invector is a brand not a choke.

Browning made choke tubes.

A 12 gauge shotgun with changeable choke tubes that fires 3.5" shells.

Go to and type "Invector Choke" in the search function.

The Invector, or "Standard Invector" system" was introduced in 1983. A few years later, the Invector-Plus chokes were introduced to fit the new back-bored shotgun barrels. These two choke systems will not interchange. If you have screw-in chokes in your shotgun barrel, the kind of system you have will be stamped on the barrel near the receiver. You must use the proper choke system for your shotgun.

You will have to call Browning to find out.

Either Invector or Invector+ depending on how it left the factory.

To change the choke of the shot

Invector was Brownings original choke tubes that came out in 1983. Invector Plus came along later for the back bored barrel shotguns. They are not interchangeable. Invector Plus= late model shotgun, Invector = earlier design shotgun. Both are still available for purchase.

The Invector Plus choke tubes were first introduced in the 1989 Browning Catalog which was published in October 1988. Keep in mind that the Invector was already standard on most shotguns and the Invector Plus was slowing being made available to many models. The Invector Plus choke tube system was available first on BT-99 models and then the BPS and high grade doubles.

Yes, all Browning Invector and invector plus barrels can shoot steel shot.

If it has choke tubes, yes. If it is fixed choke, no. I called Browning about mine and that was the answer they gave me.

Browning shotgun. Field Model. Either a 12 gauge or a 28 gauge. Invector-Plus refers to the type of choke tubes it uses.

'*' designates full choke (F). '*-' designates improved modified choke (IM). '**' designates modified choke (M). '**-' designates improved cylinder choke (IC). '**$' designates skeet (SK). '***' designates cylinder bore (CYL).

It came with the Invector system which allowed changing chokes.

BROWNING CHOKE CODES (check on rear of barrel, usually on the left, but, sometimes on the right). ( for an O/U open and check flats) * Full *- Improved Modified ** Modified **- Improved Cylinder **$ Skeet *** Cylinder bore INV Browning Invector choke tube system. INV. PLUS Browning Invector Plus back-bored barrels Note: Inv and Inv Plus are not interchangeable. will give you the numerical data.

Inspector, proof, choke, etc..

We are not familiar with a model 22, but all Browning Shotguns use the invector screw in choke tubes. These are available at most Gun Shops and retailers of Browning guns. You can also find them online at the Browning Co Website

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