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Where to get the waterfall HM in Pokemon Emerald?

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its in cave of origin you just have to look

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Q: Where to get the waterfall HM in Pokemon Emerald?
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How do you get the HM WAterfall in Pokemon Emerald?

The HM07 Waterfall can be found in Sootopolis City in Pokemon Emerald. The player will get the HM from Wallace after claiming Kyogre and Groudon.

In Pokemon emerald where do you get hm waterfall?

HM Waterfall is given to you by Gym Leader Juan after you beat him.

How do you receive the hm waterfall in Pokemon emerald?

you recieve the hm waterfall after you have deafeated the elite 4

Where is the hm waterfall in Pokemon Emerald?

you can only get the hm waterfall if you beat the sootopolis gym leader juan

In Pokemon emerald how do you get on top of the waterfall at metorfalls?

try using a Pokemon w/ the hm waterfall, isn't that obvious...

How do you climb up a water fall in Pokemon emerald?

Get the waterfall hm!

How do you get waterfall in Pokemon emerald version?

The way you get waterfall is by trading the waterfall HM from Fire Red Version or the other Version that have waterfall HM ( you can trade with a link cable or wireless adaptor)

Where can you go with the hm waterfall in Pokemon emerald?

Go to Meteor Falls and catch a Bagon

What is Hm07 in emerald?

HM 07 in emerald is waterfall

How do you get hm waterfall in Pokemon emerald?

When you have fixed the problems with Grouden/Kyogre speak to Steven, he will give you it.

In Pokemon Emerald how do you get the hm Waterfall?

you get it at cave of origin but you have to beat the gym leader of sootopolis city to use it on the waterfall to ever grande city

Which Pokemon has waterfall in Pokemon emerald?

Apparently, Seaking is the only Pokemon that knows waterfall. It is the evolved form of Goldeen. Actually, almost every water type can learn the move if you have the HM

Where To Find The Elite Four On Pokemon Emerald?

On Ever Grande Island [city]. You have to have HM Waterfall to get there though.

How To Get Waterfall In Pokemon Emerald?

You need the 8th gym badge. You obtain the HM itself in the Cave of Origin.

Where do you get hm waterfall in Pokemon FireRed?

HM 7 (waterfall) is in island 4

How do you get HM waterfall in Pokemon Sapphire?

You get the HM waterfall in the same cave you get Kyogre

How do you get the hm waterfall in Pokemon FireRed?

You find it in the caves on Island 4 of the Sevii Islands.There is no HM Waterfall in FireRed. That move wasn't introduced until Gen lll (Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald).

Where can you get the HM Waterfall in Pokemon Black?

You get HM Waterfall at the end of Route 18 on the strip of grass in Pokemon Black.

Pokemon emerald HM moves?

Cut, Surf, Rock Smash, Strength, Waterfall, Fly, Flash, Dive

Do you need the HM waterfall to get Dialga in Pokemon diamond?

you do need hm waterfall for mt. conet.There's a waterfall in mt.conet

How do you get behind the waterfall in Pokemon Diamond?

U don't go through the waterfall, u go over the waterfall. The goal is to have the HM waterfall. This HM allows ur Pokemon to climb the waterfall.

Where do you find hm waterfall in pokemon ruby?

U find the HM Waterfall in the cave of origin.

How do you get the hm waterfall move on Pokemon LeafGreen?

HM, Waterfall is in the Ice Cave on Four Island.

Where is hm waterfall on pokemon platinum?

Jasmine will give HM Waterfall to you at the beach after defeating Volkner.

How do you get up a waterfall in Pokemon pearl?

you have to obtain the HM waterfall