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Where to go after team aqua hideout?

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Go to the old man sailor port, then he will sail to kanto, in kanto you will met gary battle em and go to mt moo. Catch a lugia then go to prof oak show him your pokedex then he will gave you kanto starter again this is for any game

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go to mt.pyre, after that, go to slateport city, then go to the aqua hideout..

team magmas hideout is where you go down from the cable car, east of lavaridge. aqua is a surf north away from lilycove or mossdeep, i forgot sorry.

go to slateport and go to the harbour

You tell us where to go after you defeated the aqua hideout.

you go to slateport city and go to the place where the boat is and you will see a group of people. go inside and you will see the boss. then go back to lilycove and go to team aqua's hideout and you can go inside.

go to moutian before lilycove city

you are supposed to beat team aqua to get into in team aqua's hideout you are supposed to beat team aqua to get into team aqua's hideout in lilycove city

The Team Aqua boss is in the Team Aqua Hideout northeast of Lilycove City. You will need the HM move Surf to reach the hideout.

you go to mount. chimney go down the side and a new cave will open up and it is a team magma hide out when you beat them go to saleport then when team aqua takes the submarine got back to team aqua hideout and beat them then they will go away also team aqua hideout is where you get a masterball

Mt. ChimneySlateport City.Mt. PyroAqua Hideout.Aqua Cavern.

Surf east from Lilycove to go to Mossdeep City.

It's just a blocked cavern after it, can't go in there. So if you want the Master ball, take it when Team Aqua is there.

the hideout of magma/aqua is just north of lilycove but you must use surf from the east

first you go to magma's's in mt.chimney.There will be a secret door that open to the magame badge that you had earlier.After you are done with team magma,you can get in team aqua's hideout.

first you have to go to team magmas hideout i think. get the emblem from mt. pyre and then take the cable car and go down till it starts shaking. then do all that. then go to slateport and then go in the ship thing. then after you see team aqua, go back to aqua hideout. and then fight the fat guy(you can also get the master ball in aqua hideout). then the wailmer will move

go to team magma's base after you get the magma emblem magma's base is at the route next to fiery path then beat team magma in there then go to team aqua hideout then when you talk to the team aqua members they will say that their boss is at slateport city at the ferry harbor when you go there team aquas boss will steal their submarine then when you go to team aquas hideout the guys won't be blocking anymore

Team Magma`s hideout is where you go down from the cable car east of lavaridge. Team Aqua`s hideout is on the East side of lilycove, you surf northeast to get there.

Team aqua does not own a hideout in ruby, only magma does, however in sapphire it is vice versa, no magma, just aqua.

team aqua and magma will do to the place and drop of the orbs so you can takee them, then they vanish into cyberspace forever

first go to slateport harbor will see captain stern taking an interview.then you are going to run inside...your going to see team aqua.after that go to the hideout

beat team magma. after releasing gourdon, go to slateport. deal with team aqua. then, go to their hideout.

This may not be right but you got to go to Team Aquas hideout you will see a guy who is dressed as a part of team aqua saying jump wailmer jump you head up north to a cave which is where team Aquas hideout is. If you cant get past 2 Team Aqua goons you will have to go to slateport city where the submarine is.

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