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It depends on which Blue Cross or Blue Shield you are covered under and which plan. There are many.

Yes, they will cover annual mammograms if they are suitable to age. Currently, under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act Annual Checkups and certain preventive services are covered without charge. Various carriers may designate a different age as the year in which Mammograms are offered as Preventive service. IF the mammogram is DIAGNOSTIC due to finding a lump for example, the mammogram is more likely to be treated as a diagnostic lab test. A great deal depends on how the doctor codes the test.

If you have Blue Cross of CA coverage, then you are covered wherever you travel - in the US or even in other countries.

does blue cross blue shield of new jersey cover chantix

are pads for incontinence products covered by blue cross, blue shield

Most generic medications are covered under Blue Cross. Some new drugs may not be available under the insurance plan due to cost; consult the related link to verify.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield has many different plans and types of coverage. Yes, it will cover the cost of glasses, if this coverage is included in your plan. To get a specific answer , you would have to call either your plan administrator or Blue Cross directly to see if you are covered under your plan.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield developed separately, with Blue Cross plans providing coverage for hospital services, while Blue Shield covered physicians' services

Oral surgery for accidental injuries can be covered under the medical plan. Some oral diseases are paid under a dental plan and some diseases (like oral cancer problems) are covered under the medical plan. You must contact BCBS to get a determination of what conditions are covered under the medical plan (your particular plan).

Is ones spouse covered under Medicare and Blue Shield when the primary carrier dies.

Immunizations are typically covered under "Well Visit" or "Preventive Care." Check the summary of benefits to see the actual coverage as it may vary.

No braces are considered a cosmetic surgery and they are not covered by bcbs

You can choose any doctor you would like with blue Cross Insurance. As long as the doctor is registered with the BCBS you will be covered.

anthem blue cross cover lantus insulin and Humalog insulin for type 1 diabetics

I have back problems and need a office ball chair. Will it be covered by bcbs ?

Blue Cross Blue Shield has many different plans. These plans each have different benefits. What is covered under one BCBS plan may/may not be covered under another. It all depends on how the plan was built by whomever your insurance is provided through. Many BCBS plans do cover the cost of a CPAP machine based on medical necessity. I would contact your BCBS plan using the member benefits number found on the card and ask them if the cost of a CPAP machine is covered under "YOUR" benefits.

they are through the scooter stores however check with them about any deductible you may be responsible for, most scooter stores will waive the deductible if you are low income.

The Blue Cross organization deals with providing hospital coverage to its patients, while Blue Shield deals with covering physician services. Many people lump the two together as one group, as many people covered by one is usually covered by the other as well.

There are a wide range of health plans covered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota. These include: individual and family plans, Medicare, Minnesota public programs, groups with 20-50 employees, groups with over 50 employees and national employers.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield will cover infertility under some circumstances such as doctor's appointments. However, most of the time they will not cover treatment. You should check with your insurance to see if you are covered.

It depends on your plan. You can call member services to learn what is covered.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal does not cover the cost of plastic surgery. Any plastic surgery that is done to solely improve the physical appearance of a person is not covered. if the surgery is due to an accident or the result of a body part becoming altered from a disease or surgery than it will be covered.

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