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Some guys like it when you put your arms around his neck, while others like it when you put your hands in his back pockets.

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What should you do to please your boyfriend while making out?

put your hands on his neck it always works and youl get a longer kiss

Where do you put your hands when you are making out with your girlfriend?

I guess it depends on your surroundings. I personally like it when my boyfriend puts his arms around my waist, or puts his hands on my face. The more touchy feely it is, the sexier it is.

What can you do with your hands while making out with your boyfriend?

Play with his hair or hold on to the back of his neck

What if you are shorter than your boyfriend and you are slow danceing with him where do you put your hands?

well it depends how how much shorter than him you are i am like 8 inches shorter than my boyfriend so i just put my hands like around is mid back and put my head on his chest. Your bf would most likely put his hands around your neck, mid/lower back or around your wast.

Where do you put your tongue while making out?

If you're making out get some tongue in the other persons mouth, put your hands on their back to pull them closer.

How do you get your boyfriend to hold hands with you?

If they won't hold hands, they're not really your boyfriend.

Where to put hands while making out?

Making out is something you should do only if you are comfortable with your bf/gf.Where to put your hands...His/her buttHis/her thighsRun fingers through his/her hairTry holding her waist (girls put your arms on his shoulders or on his back)

How should you hug your boyfriend?

You should put your hands around his head and he should puts his around your waist:D<3.

Am I hugging my boyfriend right-My hands midback and his hands on my shoulders?

When you hug your boyfriend you put your arms around his shoulders and his arms around your waist. RE: Well wiki queen that is not comfortable for us. Idk why but it just not when he and are same height lol

What does it mean when your boyfriend puts his hands in a girls back pockets?

If he is your boyfriend, those hands had better be in your back pocket or you had better be looking for a different boyfriend that respects you.

Why do you have lines in your hands?

I believe that the lines in your hands are the grooves from when you put all your fingers close together they are the wrinkles that you are making,i don't have a clue if that is right but that is what i think.

When making out what should you do with your tongue and hands?

put ur tongue in the persons mouth and move it around lik ur tounges r fighting and if ur a boy put ur hands on her hips and if ur a girl put ur hand around his neck

How do you say put your hands up in spanish?

How to say "put your hands up" in spanish is PUT YOUR HANDS UP (i do not no why but that is how haha) hope that helped!

What did esperanza put in her hands?

Esperanza was known to put many different things in her hands. She put Silvia's dirty hand in hers, she put her hand in her father's hand, and she put dirt in her hands.

Can a teacher put his or her hands on you?

they can not put there hands on you unless they are breaking up a fight

How do you go about hugging your boyfriend for the first time?

Take his hands first and look into his eyes. Put them on your waist and see what he does - he should put them around you on your back and hug you closer. If he doesn't, get closer to him yourself and lean with your head against his chest. You can put your hands on his chest too, or around his arms or back, wherever you're comfortable.

The law-making power in classical Athens was in the hands of?

The law-making power in classical Athens was in the hands of _____.

Who put his hands in Jesus wounds?

Thomas put his finger in the wounds of the nail in the hands.

What song has lyrics put your hands up?

All I do is win, and put your hands up.

How do you get asked back at again by your ex-boyfriend?

Tell him how you really feel, and let him know that there is still feelings and that you think you should get back together. Don't put all the decision making and deciding on him.

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