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Add 1 oz of gas to the carburetor and start right away.


I agree with above answer...sort of. I have a '93 VR6 and it does not have a carburator. Maybe spraying starting fluid into the throttle bottle will work, but I would think the fuel pump doesn't need the help on a fuel injected car. But, then again, I'm just a shadetree mechanic.

It is possible that years of dirt have been floating around in the fuel tank and just got sucked into your fuel filter with the last drop of gas, and now your fuel filter is clogged. Besides, nobody ever replaces fuel filters in a timely fashion anyway, so its a good idea to replace the fuel filter and you will probably notice a slight performance improvement. The fuel filter is located on the inside of the frame rail beneath the front door, driver's side I think...easy to find because it has fuel lines attached to both sides. It is aluminum, so silver in color unless its now covered in dirt. The fuel filter is held in place with a clamp with a single bolt to loosen. Mine got rusted together so I removed the two bolts of the bracket and removed the entire bracket to replace the filter. All in all, an easy project if you have a car jack and a safety stand. Make sure the keys are out of the ignition so the fuel pump is NOT energized. There is a little bit of fuel that will spill out (probably on your clothes, if you are like me). The fuel lines are attached by clamps. 10 minute job for a human...30 minutes for a took me about 20 minutes. By the way, a fuel filter probably costs $10 or of the better cheap things to do to any car that isn't brand new.

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Q: Where to start trouble shooting after running out of gas in a 92 Passat and adding new gas car wont start?
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