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The fuse box is under the riders seat on the Yamaha R1. It is between the battery and the ECU and it is has a hinged lid that opens from left to right.

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Where is the battery on a 2002 Yamaha r6?

Under the front seat

Where is the fusebox in a 1993 oldmobile bravada?

In the 2002 it is under the rear seat on the driver's side maybe the same for yours

Where is the fusebox on a Kawasaki vulcan 800?

under the seat.

Where is the fusebox on my 1996 Saab 900?

under the rear seat

Where is the fusebox for 1996 range rover?

Under the drivers seat. Open the door an you should see the fusebox cover below the drivers seat at the right hand side.

97 Aurora fusebox?

under the rear seat 2 black boxes

How do you remove the seat on a Yamaha BW350?

A person can remove the seat on Yamaha BW350 motorcycle by depressing the release under the edge of the seat. The seat can then be raised and removed from the bike.

Where can you buy a tall seat for a 2002 Yamaha wr250f?


Where is the fuse box location on Yamaha?

Under the seat?

How do you get to the battery on a 2003 Yamaha wolverine?

its under the seat

Where is the battery compartment on a Yamaha raider?

Under the seat.

Where is the fuse box on a Yamaha maxim x?

Under the seat

Where is the battery for the Yamaha 650 special?

It's under the seat.

Where is the Yamaha r6 baterry located?

Under the seat (front).

Is there a fusebox located under the back seat of a 1994 Pontiac Bonneville?

sensor de map

Where is a Mercedes sprinter fusebox?

Usually under the drivers seat, accessible when drivers door is open.

Where is the battery on a 2009 Yamaha r6?

It's under the riders seat.

Where is the fuse for cigarette lighter cadillac deville 03?

That 30 amp fuse in in the fusebox under under the back seat near the battery.

Where is the solenoid starter in motorcycle Yamaha r6?

under the seat, connected to battery

Where is the fuse Yamaha 250 exciter motorcycle?

Under the seat in a clear plastic holder.

Where is fusebox for 2003 buick park ave?

There are three: Engine bay, under glove box next to passenger kick panel, under rear seat.

Where is fusebox on your jog scooter?

There is not a fuse box; however the fuses are located under the seat. Follow the positive cable and it will lead to the fuse.

Where is the battery on 2002 ultra classic?

Under the seat.

Where is shock absorber on 1999 Yamaha v-star 650?

Under the drivers seat

Battery location on Yamaha v star 250 motorcycle?

Type your answer here... Under the seat

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