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If you believe 50 cent got shot 9 times, he got shot once in the face, once in an arm, once in his hand, once in each leg, and 4 times in his chest. If you believe he only got shot 3 times, it was publicized that he got shot in his face, right arm, and right hand.

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Q: Where was 50 Cent shot?
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Did 50 cent really get shot 9 times?

No 50 cent did not get shot 9 times!!!!!!

Did 50 cent get shot?

yes 50 cent got shot that why his name is 50 cent50 did get shot, 9 times, one went thru his thumb and out his pinky, and one went thru his cheek, AND HE GOT HIS NAME 50 CENT CUZ THAT WAS A GANGSTERS NAME THAT INFLUENCED HIM, u freaking retardnooo!! his name is 50 because they shot him in the chest but the 50 cent coin protected him!!

How many times has 50 cent bee shot?

In 2000 50 Cent survived being shot 9 times.

Did 50 cent get shot in the mouth?


What happened to 50 cent?

he got shot

Where did 50 Cent get shot?

in his hand, face, and legs.

How many times did 50 Cent get shot?


Did 50 cent get shot 9 times?

On May 24, 2000 50 cent was shot 9 times The shooter, Darryl Baum was murdered three weeks later.

Is 50 cent a charitable person?

50 cent shot me once but then promptly apologized and gave me crutches and paid for my medical bill.

Was 50 cent shot?

Yes, according to him, 9 times.

Who did 50 cent thing shot him?

a guy nicknamed "hommo" (not homo) shot him 9 times

When did 50 cent get shot?

1989 7th of january with is friend eminem

How did 50 cent become cool?

50 Cent generally is deemed as cool because of his gangsta rap style and the fact he's been shot and stabbed.

How did 50 cent get so big?

Fiffty cent got big after he got shot he worked out harder and bulked up

How many times did 50 cent get shot exactly?

50 got shot 11 times im his nephew check out the new movie gun

Did the game shoot 50 cent?

The Game did not shoot 50 Cent because 50 was shot before he let Game into G-Unit and The Game was only kicked out of G-Unit for being disloyal.

Did 50 cent get shot 9 time?

Yes but it was cause of the spongebob things in his life.

Who shot 50 cent and how many times?

Darryl "Hommo" Baum 3 times

How many times has 50 Cent been shot?

he got shot only 3 time he was shot at 9 times google it you will find the police report

Why did 50 Cent get shot?

Three opinions. Which is right? * 50 cent has been shot at 9 times * its was actually 3 shots that hit him but it is publicised that he got hit 9 times to build up street credibility. . He was shot with a paint ball gun 27 times and told people that he was shot nine times with a hand gun.

Did Dr. Dre get shot 9 times?

I don't think he did I know 50 Cent did.

What type of gun was 50 cent shot by?

Nerf gun in South Jamaica, Queens City

How did 50 cent get shot?

50 cent was around wit snoop and dre andd they were testing guns, snoop shot by accident and hit the chandelier, the bullet bounced off and hit fit and then his dog and then the car. he is currently hospitalized in la, he might die

Is 50 cent is Christian?

'I believe in God,' 'I didn't survive being shot nine times for nothing...' quotes from 50 Cent himself. he never came out and said he was exactly. you can believe what you want.

Did 50 cent realy get shot 9 times?

no he got shot 6 times i have meet him and i asked he in person back stage so no.