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Aileen Quinn was born in Yardley, Pennsylvania, United States.

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Q: Where was Aileen Quinn born?
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When was Aileen Quinn born?

Aileen Quinn was born on June 28, 1971.

What is Aileen Quinn's birthday?

Aileen Quinn was born on June 28, 1971.

What is the birth name of Aileen Quinn?

Aileen Quinn's birth name is Aileen Marie Quinn.

Is aileen Quinn alive?

Is Aileen Quinn alive

How tall is Aileen Quinn?

Aileen Quinn is 5' 1".

How old is aileen Quinn in 2011?

Aileen Quinn is 41 years old

How old was Aileen Quinn when she played Annie?

Aileen Quinn was 10 years old when she played Annie. She was born 1971 and she played Annie in 1981.

Does Aileen Quinn have children?

At the age of 38 Aileen Quinn has no children =] hope this helps

Where does Aileen Quinn live?

It is not known where Aileen Quinn currently lives. Aileen is an actress who is most known for starring in the film, Annie.

How old is Aileen Quinn?

Aileen Quinn is 46 years old (birthdate: June 28, 1971).

Did Aileen Quinn die?


What is the name of Annie?

Aileen Quinn

Are Molly Quinn and Aileen Quinn related?

yes there great cousins.

Who played Annie on Broadway?

aileen Quinn

Who played orphan Annie?

Aileen Quinn

What is Annie's name on Annie?

Aileen Quinn.

Who played Annie in the original movie?

Aileen Quinn

Is Aileen Quinn still alive?

Aileen Quinn is still alive yes and is staring in a new film called 'Multiple Sarcasms' which is due to release in 2010.

What is Aileen Quinn's email address?

You can find her on twitter and on FB

What is Aileen Quinn's net worth?

100 million dollars

Where is aileen Quinn now?

Aileen Quinn was the sweet girl that played Annie in the 1981 movie, and from what I have gathered she is still acting, and was doing the role of Annette in Saturday night fever.

How did Aileen Quinn play as in the Addams family values?

I don't understand that question. Do you mean, WHO did Aileen Quinn play in Addams Family Values? If so, I was trying to find that out myself.

Is Aileen Quinn married?

yes i think she is married because she is to attrative not to be.

Who played Annie?

1982: Aileen Quinn 1999: Alicia Morton

What song does Aileen Quinn sing to the President in the movie 'Annie'?