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the "secret annex", where the Franks and Van Daans hid was at the back of Mr. Frank's work office.

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one of Anne franks challenges was being in the secret annex for 2 years

the secret annex was built a long time ago]

The Nazi police find the Franks and VanDaans in the Annex.

Anne Frank was hiding in the city of Amsterdam

Into an annex; which was above offices; in Amsterdam. Which is also the Netherlands.

Rescued from the annex by Miep Gies, and given to Otto upon his return.

Peter's tiny room under the attic stairs was called "Anne's second home" by the other adults in the annex.

It was probally dark and misrabel. No one made a sound and was scared.

It has a few pages torn out but is kept in the secret annex where anne and family stayed.

Miep Gies ( close friend, helper of the Franks ) gathered up the Diary that was scattered about the floor in the Secret Annex after the Police left from arresting the Franks.

She ended up in a camp after that and died of typhus, so not very good.

I don't know what house your talking about, but the secret annex had 13 rooms, hope that helped :]

The Van Daans joined the Franks in the Secret Annex in 1942.

Anne Frank had a relationship with a boy who also lived there, Peter Van Daan. There was alot of arguments in the secret annex with the two families living there, the Franks and the Van Daans and Fritz Pfeffer, know as Mr.Dussel

Anne Frank and her family hid in an attic above her father's business. It was known as 'The Secret Annex'.The address is Prinsengracht 263Anne and her family hid in a 'Secret Annex' which was a small part of Otto Franks business hidden by a bookcase on hinges.

she was able to write and leave behind the diary that explained what her life was like hiding in the annex during the holocaust.

Because Hitler was taking all the Jews to concentration, murder, and death camps. It was unsafe to be outside. Mr. Kraler and Miep offered the Franks their secret annex to hide in.

When in hiding, the Franks lived in an annex of her father's business (which had since been turned over to his business partner, as the Franks were Jewish and couldn't own businesses).

Anne Franks was a white European.

They put a wooden bookcase over the door. It still opened and shut, just hidden.

what is Anne franks address? The address is: Prinsengracht 263 - 267 Amsterdam She lived hidden in a secret annex in the house at this address, that is a museum now.

Anne Frank was 13 when she went into the annex.

Anne franks goals were to be an author or a famous journalist

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