Edward Teach (Blackbeard)

Where was Blackbeard buried?

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Blackbeard wasn't buried. He was killed and then thrown overboard.

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Did Blackbeard have buried treasure?

Legend say he did but no one knows for sure.

What pirate is known to bury his money?

Redbeard and Blackbeard were known to have buried their loot.Additional Information:And UNFORTUNATELY, I cannot remember where I buried it.

Where is Blackbeard buried?

He isn't buried. He was killed at sea during a battle with Lieutenant Robert Maynard who was sent after Blackbeard by the governor of Virginia. His body was decapitated and the body was thrown overboard. The head was tied to the bowsprit when Maynards crew headed back to shore. Legend has it that the headless body of Blackbeard swam around the ship three times before it sank. This all took place in Okracoke Inlet off of North Carolina.

How many children did Blackbeard have?

Blackbeard had 13 children.

Why was blackbeard famous?

Blackbeard was a famous pirate.

What did blackbeard do as a child?

It is not known what Blackbeard did as a child. Blackbeard was a pirate whose real name was Edward Teach.

Where was blackbeard buired?

he wasn't buried his head was cut off and they threw his body into the water. They say he swam around his boat a couple times before he drowned

How many wifes did Blackbeard have?

blackbeard had 14 wifes

Where was Blackbeard killed?

Blackbeard was killed on Ocracoke Island.

How did Blackbeard get the nickname Blackbeard?

Edward Teach got the nickname "Blackbeard" because he sported a big black beard.

What year did blackbeard die?

Blackbeard died November 22,1718

What country did blackbeard come from?

Blackbeard came from Bristol, England

Who are blackbeard children?

i am not 100% sure that blackbeard had any children

When was Roy Blackbeard born?

Roy Blackbeard was born in 1953.

Why didn't blackbeard use his real name?

beacause blackbeard was better

What was blackbeard famous quote?

"Who's to say that the devil does not exist?" -Blackbeard

What did Blackbeard wear?

Blackbeard wore a red jacket with weapons attached

Who killed Blackbeard and did he get a reward?

Lieutenant Maynard killed Blackbeard and did not get a reward.

What is the duration of Blackbeard the Pirate?

The duration of Blackbeard the Pirate is 1.65 hours.

When was captain blackbeard born?

Blackbeard was born Edward Teach in Bristol, England.

How many ships blackbeard had?

blackbeard had 5 ships that he comanded 1of them sank

Where did blackbeard work?

Blackbeard worked around the north Coraline and the north indies.

When was Blackbeard - musical - created?

Blackbeard - musical - was created in 2008.

When was Blackbeard the Pirate created?

Blackbeard the Pirate was created on 1952-12-25.

Who did Blackbeard kill?

The people that Blackbeard killed were the ones who resisted in giving up their valuables or ships. Blackbeard was killed by the Royal Navy on November 22, 1718.

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